Story Artists Memorial

Do you know a Story Artist who has passed on and want others to remember them? Memories? Pictures?

You can submit names and memories of Story Artists who have passed on through our online form. Submit one form per Story Artist. You can do a second form for the same Story Artist if you think of other memories or files to share. Please search for an online obituary or ask us for help within that form.

You can honor any Story Artist from any country. Let others know of this sacred space we have dedicated so that people of the present and the future can know the wonderful people of the past.

We will give a webpage for each of those story artists with a complete listing found here. If the person already has a webpage here to honor them, we will add your comments on that page. Otherwise, we will create a new webpage to honor them.

If you have questions or comments about this project, please email

Some of the people who will be here (pages in process to be made, alphabetical order by first name):

  • Alice Kane
  • Anne Thomas
  • Anneliese Konkol
  • Barbara Reed
  • Bill Higley
  • Brother Blue
  • Carl Ambrose
  • Cathryn Fairlee
  • Chuck Larkin
  • David Ponkey
  • Denise Valentine
  • Dennis Freeman
  • Diane Wolkstein
  • Dianne de Las Casas
  • Duncan Williamson
  • Jackie Torrence
  • Jim Woodard
  • J.J. Reneaux
  • Joe Healy
  • Ken Feit
  • Kevin Brooks
  • Mabel Kaplan
  • Pat Mendoza
  • Ralph Chatham
  • Sheila Stewart
  • Stanley Robertson
  • Sven Hansson
  • Syd Lieberman
  • And many more…help us honor them.