Germaine Kresser Dietsch

August 14, 1932 – October 14, 2021

Obituary – Spellbinders

Obituary – The Aspen Times

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She was the founder of our organization called Spellbinders. Germaine pioneered the first-ever school based, intergenerational oral storytelling program in Colorado.

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Boulder Valley Spellbinders; Broomfield Spellbinders; Cherry Creek Storytellers; Denver Spellbinders; High Prairie Storytellers; Jeffco Spellbinders; Storytellers Spellbinders of Littleton; St Vrain Valley Storytellers; Spellbinders of Mesa County; Larimer County Storytellers; Roaring Fork Valley Storytellers; Steamboat Spellbinders; Peekskill Spellbinders; Arlington Spellbinders

–details shared by Maria Medina, Spellbinders Council of Trustees