The Big Why Panel: Historical Storytelling Meets Humanities

The Big Why Panel

June 20, 2020, 9:00am-10:30am MDT

From Your Computer

This will be set-up through Zoom and multi-streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Only the panelists, moderator, and ASL interpreters will be on the Zoom in gallery view. Attendees will choose YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch as their means to watch as well as being able to make comments or ask questions in the moment. All those comments feed in to us to monitor. There is no cost though donations are welcomed.

Please fill out “The Big Why – Virtually Attending? Questions for Panel?” form OR email us questions at

Historical storytelling and presentations were part of a movement starting in the 1870s, not long after the Civil War when the nation was divided.  People needed a way to connect and be unified again by seeing and hearing people’s stories that may or may not share the same views.  We would then compare to how popular this method is today and what we can expect of this in the future.  How will we be able to “walk in their shoes” as is the meaning of Chautauqua storytelling?
This Panel would delve into the “whys” of this method of connecting as human beings of historical presentations.  Dr. Caroliese Frink Reed is well-versed in the storytelling scene and has degrees in Social Studies and African American Studies that weaves with the experience of the other three panelists:  Sheila Arnold, Darci Tucker, and Brian “Fox” Ellis.  These three have decades worth of experience in performing historical stories through 60+ characters from colonial days to yesterday.
While geared for teens/adults, it would still be open to anyone through Zoom and muti-streamed through Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. 
People can submit questions before this Panel by emailing or in the moment of the live-stream.  Each panelist will have 10 solid minutes to share history, linguistics, and cultural reasons for the growth in that movement.  Then, the remaining 50 minutes will be for questions from the audience or those sent-in questions.
Besides being live-streamed, it will be recorded and archived.   American Sign Language will also be available.

Caroliese Frink Reed--wide
Dr. Caroliese Frink Reed

Curriculum Vitae

Sheila Arnold - wide
Sheila Arnold


Darci Tucker-wide
Darci Tucker


Brian Fox Ellis-wide
Brian “Fox” Ellis


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