WolfSong (Rickie Douglas Provencher)

Obituary – unable to find online yet more full one here through someone’s blog

Online listing – shared on Indianz.com, shared on IPL.org

String of emails honoring WolfSong – sharing memories and condolences through MudCat

Cap’s Off to You Blog Post – posted June 18, 2022

Do you have memories of WolfSong (Rickie Douglas Provencher)? Please email to info@storycrossroads.org.

While this video does not feature WolfSong, he is mentioned and respected by Joseph and Jesse Bruchac. You can watch the whole piece, which is wonderful, though this particular one starts about 49 minutes into this program where WolfSong is mentioned. Joseph Bruchac said that WolfSong’s recordings are still available for purchase and can be acquired through Joseph. You can email Joseph at nudatlog (at) earthlink.net