Transform yourself. Today.

Find, craft, and perform your story without notes.

Build your confidence. And, you may be surprised that you gain appreciation for others as you focus on your own skills.

Depending on your time or location, you can enjoy virtual, in-person, or hybrid opportunities for professional development.

See some hints below.

“Storytelling Basics in 8 Hours” through Story Crossroads Academy can really be broken up into 10-minute portions or done all at once.

Story Crossroads fosters creative and compassionate communities through the art of storytelling.

John’s Story

I took this course-it was awesome. I am recommending it to many others including my grandchildren.

John has since reached out to us and has given advice on expanding our reach beyond his grandchildren.

Aaboli’s Story

This course has gotten me interested in other genres of storytelling, so I might look at telling stories from other genres.

Aaboli was already a talented youth teller who discovered more beyond her natural talent.

Awarded January 27, 2022

Then…we discovered that our course received the Storytelling World Award with an annual review by committee members around the nation.

Yet, this Academy is only one of eleven-and-growing programs that we give as a gift to communities local and abroad.

What will be your story with us?