Story Crossroads believes that people of all groups and cultures need to be honored as presenters and audience members with accessibility to our year-round arts education and performances with storytelling. We are committed to improving our collaborations across communities who need to be seen, heard, and recognized.

Find the universal symbol for accessibility on the upper right of your screen or phone for the standing person with outstretched hands. You will have many options including: read normal; contrast; smart contrast; highlight links; bigger text; text spacing; pause animations; dyslexia-friendly; bigger cursor; tooltips; page structure; line height; text align; reading flow. You also have the choice of having it all in English or 42 other languages. When you click the universal symbol, the menu comes up with the language option on the upper right. Different flags/languages will be listed. All the accessibility is available in these languages as well.

For any other accessibility, feel free to email or call/text (801) 870-5799 to reach Rachel Hedman, Executive Director.

Since 2016, we have offered American Sign Language. We are about to launch our Story Crossroads Academy, self-led online storytelling courses with open captioning and ASL. We are working on large print/audio descriptions for the pdfs associated with the videos of these courses.

Please let us know what would be helpful to you for accommodations.

If you are wanting to have the accessibility button on your website(s), you can get this through UserWay. Please let UserWay know that you were referred by Story Crossroads. Then, both of us can receive reduced pricing for this service.