Jean Barnett

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“Grandma Jean” Barnett was one of my trainers when I joined the Broomfield Spellbinder Storytellers. I will never forget the “gotcha moment” when she told our class the story “The Gum Chewing Rattler.” She had me “hook line and sinker” right up until the end! While originally a Joe Hayes story, “Grandma Jean” had made it her own reflecting on her childhood growing up on a farm in Kansas. I also fondly remember picking her up for several years when we would go and tell stories to the kindergarten classes at an elementary school in Broomfield. She had told to the kindergarten students at that school, Jefferson Academy, for so many years that the first students she told to had just graduated high school!

What place(s) did you know her:

I knew Jean through our storytelling adventures together in Broomfield, CO with the Broomfield Spellbinder Storytellers, a group of dedicated volunteer storytellers in local elementary schools and senior centers in our community.

What was the Story Artist known for? Life Mantras?

Jean was always an upbeat positive person who believed strongly in the value and power of intergenerational storytelling. She was deeply committed to her family, her church and her local community and was loved by all. Jean is also fondly remembered for leading the local chapter organization for five years when it previously had been in danger of not continuing. Jean was much more than a wonderful storyteller. She was a warm and compassionate friend who was loved and admired by all who knew her.

–details from Dennis Thompson