Get Involved

To see funders and donors, please click here.  This is a community event and is therefore supported by the community.

To be a volunteer either for one-time or continuous help, please click here.  Most assistance is for the May Festival though there are year-round opportunities.

To learn more about how to be a story artist with us, please click here.  These selected story artists perform for the main event on May 12, 2021.

To be a vendor with the “We All Have Stories” Family Marketplace, please click here. Story-related products and services are celebrated. This is in the evening of May 12, 2021.

To submit your lesson plan to be approved, please click here.  Community tellers are first trained through 6-hour or longer storytelling workshops and residencies.  Any curriculum used is Story Crossroads approved.

To share your references as a residency teacher, please click here.  We want to know if you have taught storytelling for six hours or longer for the same group of people to see if we need you to teach on behalf of Story Crossroads.

For other opportunities to help, consider if you or someone you know loves to:

  • Find funding sources, including grants, private donors, and businesses
  • Be a volunteer or intern, for all the little to big projects to make this smoother for everyone
  • Connect with marketing avenues, from local to global
  • Provide technical expertise, involving social media and ways to efficiently use the Internet
  • Offer international contacts, emphasis for traditional and professional storytelling organizations and individuals

Email with your request.

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