Contribute…as a Funder

We always welcome funders. While the Annual Summit & Festival attracts the most attention, we have other programs year-round that could match your vision better for you as an individual or as a business. We encourage people, organizations, and businesses to support Story Crossroads either as a help to our nonprofit or as a marketing possibility. 

Deadline to be Funder for Summit & Festival with full benefits

Applications (pdf or online) turned in no later than April 1, 2022

General Feel for Summit & Festival:

We had 5,704 people reached through performances, outreaches, and academic discussions in 2019.  Then in 2020 and onward, we are hybrid with in-person and virtual audiences. The majority of in-person attendees are from Salt Lake County, Utah while our virtual audience spans the United States as well as connecting to the other continents. From our 2021 Summit & Festival, we had 1,127 students through virtual field trips with predicted growth for 2022. Of those students, 40.8% came from secondary/higher education.