Chuck Larkin

November 17, 1931 to April 2003


Active Website available here – with at least 14 friends with condolences written there

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Chuck was a “larger-than-life” unforgettable character. I knew him first in a work capacity when he was with the U.S. Department of Labor, and later he was the first professional storyteller that I ever heard. His style reminded me of the back-porch storytellers I heard in my youth in North Georgia. I learned by accident that he was a storyteller. My wife and I were exploring the Blue Ridge Parkway and heard a loud voice and banjo music across the highway from our motel. We went to investigate and found Chuck regaling a large and enthusiastic audience with his tall tales.

Chuck also played the role of Santa Claus (no extra padding needed) at the annual USDOL Christmas party in Atlanta.

What place(s) did you know him:

I knew him in Georgia. He was a regular teller at the National Storytelling Festival and a featured teller four times. His website says that he shared stories in 33 cities in 26 states.

What was the Story Artist known for? Life Mantras?

Chuck’s website ( is still active. It contains a number of his stories and a list of some of the songs he sang. He was an excellent musician on numerous instruments. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any recordings of his songs or stories. One of the quotes on that website is a suitable mantra. He said “It ain’t worth talking if’n you’re gonna tell the truth.” But then he added “Tell the truth, but tell it slant.”

–details shared by Wynn Montgomery