House Concert Series – proper-distanced

Take part in this house concert series that expands your experience as a person who loves the creative arts. Storytelling itself could be new to you or this may be an art form celebrated daily at your home.

You can register to attend live or have virtual access up to two weeks once the recording is available…and with closed captioning.

Featured Teller of April 1, 2021–

Dale Boam

Theme: “Have I Told You This?” 

Stories get better with the telling. A tale you think you’ve heard before may have grown to reach a place where old tales become new. Enjoy the tales told by Dale Boam who has a varied resume as he is a liar, lawyer, tenured languages professor, certified ASL Interpreter, and voice-over actor.  He would call himself a Renaissance Man, but he can’t do math.  For Utah’s Biggest Liar, he has placed in the top three for three years in a row (third is in the top three) so he says he has won (their rules, not his). He loves to share the adventures of growing up with a grandfather who was a large animal veterinarian, a gentleman farmer and not tied to the idea of personal safety. 

Location: Hedman Home in West Jordan, Utah – outside

Exact address and directions/parking are shared upon sign-up.

  • Masks are required. Masks will also be available to anyone donating $15+ or simply to buy for $15.
  • We do need a signed waiver of liability and indemnity agreement that is part of the registration process. A copy of it is below for your benefit.
  • Please use the facilities before you leave.  If you need to use the facilities, one is available though you must wipe down and disinfect upon usage.
  • We are filming this presentation and anyone donating $15+ will receive the video unlisted link – whether attending live or ordering the video separately.
  • Suggested donation is $15/person or $25/household.
  • RSVP Required for one of the 30 spots.
  • You can donate beyond your registration here:

My husband and I had a wonderful enjoyable evening. It was so much fun to be outside and have the chance to be around people again, but at a safe distance. – Elizabeth Gibson, attendee

Email or call/text Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799

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Like to be a House Concert Host?

Updated Guidelines to match the Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green Codes of Utah will be available soon

Like to perform for an hour of specialty and polished story material at a House Concert?

Then email and share your proposed idea and your qualifications.