Cap’s Off to You!-Adella Adella the Storyteller/Adella Gautier (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

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How does an alter ego come about? One that is drawn to people with delight? I found it fascinating that Adella Gautier, a pioneering actress, loved storytelling to the point that she created another name to distinguish between her acting and her storytelling: Adella Adella the Storyteller. Even the name as a hint of a “Call and Response,” which is fitting considering the West African stories she was known to share. I really wish I could see her during this time on earth. I will need to get in line when I cross the veil as I am positive she is entertaining many in the heavens.

Adella Adella performed often in New Orleans. During the 1980s, she traveled from school to school. She did more than perform. She instructed and guided other youth in the art. I would be curious as to how many of those youth now have more respect and joy in stories due to her guest appearances.

Meanwhile, Adella Adella took on the stage as an actress. One time, she cross-dressed so she could be the driver in “Driving Miss Daisy.” What dedication and delight! She also did a one-woman show as Eartha Kitt.

Did her storytelling blend into her theatric? Absolutely. She was known for catching her fell actors off-guard. Yet, they reacted to the improv and continued the plays without missing a beat. Her fellow actors developed better skills in storytelling purely by her being part of the cast. Both the actors and audiences celebrated the surprises.

She did make appearances on TV shows. You can see a listing on IMDB.

Thankfully, we do have some videos to get a sense of what she was like.

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You can see more details on Adella Adella’s page with the Story Artists Memorial.

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I appreciate Adella Adella with her ability to play and tease people and get the best responses in the moment. Her natural storytelling talents were shared with others in performance and in workshops. She wanted the art to continue.

Adella Adella still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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  1. Thank you for remembering such a legendary lady of storytelling. I had recently met her in LAMBS (Louisiana And Mississippi Black Storyeller) about a month before she fell asleep in death. What a personality! She was way more interested in me and our joyous connection, which was refreshing and rare in these days of ego and self gratification. I always wanted to see her in action and I appreciate you sharing this video. Give thanks, may she rest in peace and arise in paradise to meet me, one bright day *!*

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