How to Best Use the Story Crossroads Discord Server – Part 5 of 5 – Scheduled & Random “Check-Ins”

This is the fifth of five parts on how to benefit the most from the Story Crossroads Discord Server. Discord is a platform that combines features of Facebook, Zoom, and many others in one place. Text, image, audio, and video communications are possible with a network of people of like-interests.


  • Part 1 – Getting Started – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Text Channels – REVEALED
  • Part 3 – Voice Channels – REVEALED
  • Part 4 – Adding Resources & Links – REVEALED
  • Part 5 – Scheduled & Random “Check-Ins” – TODAY

If you prefer video approach and/or have these videos running while you glance below:

Discord has a mix of scheduled video and text chats as well as random interactions that enhance the experience.

To look forward to the scheduled to the random, you will want to get to know the other server members. The next step is to see which ones could be friends.

Yes, we have heard of “friends” on Facebook and other social media. True, this does not mean you are best friends. Or even true friends. Though, it at least means that the two of you agree that there is potential for great conversations to collaborations.

When you see who else are server members, you can click on the icons/avatars and see the following:

You can click “Add Friend” and await the request. At times, being “friends” can make the difference during voice/video chat. Depending on set-up, you may not be able to see the video if you are server members but can if you are friends. Bonus: The “User Volume” is handy if you noticed that someone is too loud or too soft when joining voice/video chat. The good news is that this does not affect how anyone else hears them.

You can also have friends who are from different servers…or perhaps you don’t belong to any of the same servers. Though, you can now private message each other and use the @ to mention or give attention.

Otherwise, the host of the discord server–like “storycrossroads”–can use “@everyone” to send a notification/message to each of the server members. This comes on handy when there are scheduled or random voice/video chats or opportunities through the text channels.

Regular Chats

Check to see when the discord server has regular voice/video chats and/or text chats. As for Story Crossroads, we have them every Monday from 10:00pm-11:00pm MDT usually in the “chat-about-stories” Voice Channel. These are informal brain trust sessions where one main person “takes the floor” and can focus on any storytelling-related idea, performance, technology, or any other possibility. The invite link to our Story Crossroads Discord Server:

Examples –

Monday, July 6th – Carl focused on stories or repertoire to tell while giving people tours of Antelope Island in Utah.

Monday, July 13th – Tim shared about an upcoming podcast and had us as a sounding board while also hearing advice from regular podcasters.

Monday, July 20th – Stephen will share about his venture with Patreon while also exploring how a storyteller can use recurring revenue subscriptions that can also be done through Twitch and custom-made memberships.

Anytime we have these sessions, the topic jumps around though always connects to storytelling in one way or another.

We plan on having a daytime regular voice/video chat. Anytime we do have these chats, we place it in the #announcements text channel. Please let us know if you have a preference by emailing

Plus, if you want to “take the floor” and have an idea that could use some listening ears, then email We can arrange a day for you.

Random “Check-Ins”

If you message friends on the discord server, you can have your own one-on-one voice/video chats as well as on the text channels. “Storycrossroads” does not have to be there for it to happen.

Click on your friend’s icon/avatar and see if you can arrange a same date/time together. If you know this person outside Discord–such as through Facebook, Instagram, or in-person–then feel free to use any other communication ways to schedule a time together. Email? Text? You choose.

The only thing we ask? Please keep any conversation family-friendly even when talking adult to adult. Remember, adults are part of families, too. This means clean language and appropriate and positive conversations.

Explore the text channels and unread comments will pop up first. Get caught up and see if you can add to the discussions.

Enjoy all that is possible on Discord.

Discord is best by laptop/computer though there is a free phone app. We have scheduled voice/video chats usually within “Voice Channels” and then “chat-about-stories” on Mondays at 10:00pm MDT. We will eventually have regular one during the daytime. Join us! Again, that invite link:

Find our E-Newsletter and Email List Sign-Ups on our website home page at the bottom, the archive page, etc.

See our already-streamed/recorded The Big Why Panel: Historical Storytelling meets Humanities. See our 5-video playlist from the Story Crossroads Spectacular by clicking here.

Look forward to our 7-part Blog Series “What Youth Tellers Want & Need.” And…Spread the word about our upcoming Story Camp for youth aged 8-17 in mid-August of two kinds: Limited-Sized/Proper-Distanced as well as Virtual.

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