How to Best Use the Story Crossroads Discord Server – Part 4 of 5 – Adding Resources & Links

This is the fourth of five parts on how to benefit the most from the Story Crossroads Discord Server. Discord is a platform that combines features of Facebook, Zoom, and many others in one place. Text, image, audio, and video communications are possible with a network of people of like-interests.


  • Part 1 – Getting Started – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Text Channels – REVEALED
  • Part 3 – Voice Channels – REVEALED
  • Part 4 – Adding Resources & Links – TODAY
  • Part 5 – Scheduled & Random “Check-Ins”

If you prefer video approach and/or have these videos running while you glance below:

You can touch base with people or delve deeper by adding to the conversation.

With the virtual world, you can be a lurker OR be considered an active participant or even “high-quality server member.”

If I have several deadlines, sometimes being a lurker is the only way to multi-task and still “be there.” Not make any comments. Listen in. Read comments. But nothing more. Yet, to “be there” is not the same as “being there.”

Yes, all this does relate to adding resources and links.

But first…Most people on the Internet are lurkers.

They watch but never or rarely make comments. For example on Twitch with an audience of 100 people, probably 5-6 are the ones commenting, clapping, and posting emojis.

In Twitch and Discord (these two platforms often work hand-in-hand), some people actually announce they are lurkers. You can create a command for a “bot” with something like “!lurk” and have some celebration emojis in your lurking. But do we, as a society, want to celebrate lurking?

And, in case you were curious, some people have “bots” or robotic type characters (not human) that can help manage things from chatting/talking much like humans, moderating the rules of the server (like kicking out trolls or not allowing bad language), or even a music bot that can play songs directly from YouTube or other platforms.

So how can you be “being there”?

Go back to the Discord Server(s) and look for the bold text on the panel. You may also see “unread comments” near the upper left. The channel in bold would have had some activity since you last were there. Though, I recommend playing with your notifications.

Once you are aware of activity, add to that activity.

Do you have a favorite website to find folktales from Argentina? Share it on a text channel.

Do you have a funny meme that relates to the focus of the server? Story Crossroads promotes oral storytelling. Then add it. Here’s a 4-second example of what I love and added in the Story Crossroads Discord Server (Text Channel – Storymemes):

People love to joke around and share emojiis. Feel free to do so.

Though, people like to explore the topics. I absolutely have loved the chat about Japanese and Hawaiian ghost stories. Here is a sampling that can be found in the Story Crossroads Discord Server (Text Channel – chat-about-stories):

How do you get the notifications or adjust them on Discord?

Go to the settings image on the bottom left of your screen:

Click on settings and find the Notifications label on the left side:

Click on Notifications and adjust as you wish:

When the Discord Server gets really active, you can adjust those notifications again.

Either way, be aware and respond to notifications…maybe not right away, though often enough to not be a “lurker.” Well, not all the time anyways.

Discord is best by laptop/computer though there is a free phone app. We have scheduled voice/video chats usually within “Voice Channels” and then “chat-about-stories” on Mondays at 10:00pm MDT. We will eventually have regular one during the daytime. Join us! Again, that invite link:

Find our E-Newsletter and Email List Sign-Ups on our website home page at the bottom, the archive page, etc.

See our already-streamed/recorded The Big Why Panel: Historical Storytelling meets Humanities. See our 5-video playlist from the Story Crossroads Spectacular by clicking here.

Spread the word about our upcoming Story Camp for youth aged 8-17 in mid-August of two kinds: Limited-Sized/Proper-Distanced as well as Virtual.

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