How to Best Use the Story Crossroads Discord Server – Part 2 of 5 – Text Channels

This is the second of five parts on how to benefit the most from the Story Crossroads Discord Server. Discord is a platform that combines features of Facebook, Zoom, and many others in one place. Text, image, audio, and video communications are possible with a network of people of like-interests.


  • Part 1 – Getting Started – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Text Channels – TODAY
  • Part 3 – Voice Channels
  • Part 4 – Adding Resources & Links
  • Part 5 – Scheduled & Random “Check-Ins”

If you prefer video approach and/or have these videos running while you glance below:

Most of Discord Servers are composed of Text Channels…so what does that mean?

This means if you can type, sometimes add emojis or “reactions,” and at times be allowed to share pdf files or other documents as well as providing a link to wonderful storytelling resources. Easy, right?

At times, the host of the server does not allow anything to be added to those text channels except by them. This keeps it clutter-free and focused. Though, at any time, a host can delete comments or ask people to copy their responses and place in a more appropriate category within the discord server.

You have access and can chat/add 24/7. Yes, you can chat at 2am or 2pm or anything in between. Please do.

The Text Channels are easy to identify because the category as well as the channels have the pound sign in front of them as seen below. Feel free to join us here through the invite link:

Click on the category “Welcome” or the “carot” symbol to the left of “Welcome” and you can open up or condense the listing. Though, usually, you will be clicking the channels within the category. You can see that the one above has welcome, rules, and introduce-yourself.

# welcome

This text channel reminds people of scheduled voice/video chats. No one else can post here but Story Crossroads.

# rules

This text channel is a reminder that the Story Crossroads Discord Server is a family-friendly place, even if mostly adults gather here. Again, this is a text channel that can only be posted by Story Crossroads. These rules have been adapted here and there (tried not to be too long) but these are what are there now:

  1. We are family-friendly. Be positive and wonderful with clean and appropriate language.
  2. No personal attacks, piling on, and spamming.
  3. Keep calm. Anything beyond that may mean you need a break.
  4. No Porn (hardcore or softcore). This also means Pornhub memes or off-color memes.
  5. No soliciting or selling items.

# introduce-yourself

This is an optional place for people to write a couple lines about their background in storytelling. You may notice that the handles people choose could give the hint that they would veer from revealing extra details about themselves. Other people reading these posts can give emojis/reactions. It is best to share without using links to people’s websites or other media.

# info-about-us

Whoever is the host of the Discord Server has the privilege of having basic info about them. So…no one can add here but Story Crossroads. It is short and sweet and lets people know about our website.

# announcements

Again, these are announcements that are Story Crossroads related. This will be the place to know what to expect for live and virtual events as well as what to expect on the next scheduled voice/video on Discord.

# videos

As Story Crossroads has a YouTube Channel, we remind people of this or anything we recently posted on YouTube. Yes, only Story Crossroads can post here.

# livestreams

Our livestreams are mainly the weekly Twitch, though can also include virtual or hybrid live/virtual events such as Story Crossroads Spectacular or The Big Why Panel.

# questions-for-us

Finally, a place in this Story Crossroads category where anyone can post their questions. People can direct message each other including Story Crossroads, but questions are lovely to be out for everyone in case someone would have had the same question.

# general

When people first join the Story Crossroads Discord Server, this the the place you are “thrown.” An automatic “bot” sends a random welcome message. I check in to remind people to click on # introduce-yourself. Any kind of chatting can happen back and forth. You could consider this “the lobby” of this Discord Server. You can add emojis/reactions, links, and attach files. This a great place to chat back and forth with any current server members or even posting and eventually hearing back from people.

# chat-about-stories

This is a focused text channel where people can…well…chat about stories. Are you researching a certain type? Need help in structuring a story? We already have some fun chats here (yes, you can see the history even if you are new) about Japanese as well as Gettysburg ghost stories. Someone shared a lovely article by Doug Lipman on how to approach stories. Useful stuff. If you get off topic…then I either delete the comments or ask the person to copy and paste into a different text channel. You can add emojis/reactions, links, and files here.

# worldwide-folktales

This is another focused text channel where people can talk about folktales. As Story Crossroads has a multicultural focus and mission, we wanted to honor that here. Thus, we mention best places to find and research folktales. Yet, anyone can add to this discussion. Some of this could overlap with “chat-about-stories,” but “chat-about-stories” could include other genres of storytelling like personal and family stories. You can add emojis/reactions, links, and files here.

# admin-room

This is locked. Unless we grant you “admin” as a role for you, this is a place you don’t have to worry about. These are usually Story Crossroads Board members or volunteers.

# moderators-room

This is locked. Unless we grant you “moderator” or nicknamed “mod” as a role for you, this is a place you don’t have to worry about. These mods help maintain order in the server and sees that the family-friendly rules are followed. These mods can be outside the Story Crossroads Board.

# storygames

You can approach this text channel in two ways: ideas for storytelling-related games OR to play storytelling games. You can provide a written description of how to play the game and leave it at that…or, if another server member is online and willing to play, you could do string or collaborative storytelling. An example would be the ABC game where the first person writes a line with the first word starting with “A” and then the next person writes a line with the first word starting with “B” and so on. This could be done with two people or more. Another story game could be that someone shares a story prompt and sees who will add the next portion.

# storymemes

People know what a “meme” is – those fun images/pictures and sometimes animated ones such as a gif. Well, a storymeme is an oral storytelling one. We have at least four collected here. Our only request when you add one: do not have any book images. We love books. However, this discord server is about spoken storytelling and want images that reflect this type. You can save those book memes for the library-focused Discord Servers. Yes, there are plenty of those on Discord.

# story-genres

This text channel is similar to the worldwide-folktales though broader. Many types of oral storytelling exist. Do you love Folktales? Tall tales? Historical tales? Creation myths? So much more. Now…this needs to be more academic in approach rather than random chat. If you want to “chat,” then either the # general or the # chat-about-stories under the category of “Text Channels” would be best.

# multi-lingual-storytelling

How do you involve more than one language when performing? What are ways to have multi-lingual experiences on stage? How can American Sign Language be offered more often? You can share links or videos with bilingual performances, interviews about it, or shares articles that delve into this topic. Again, this is an academic discussion rather than pure “chat.”

Whew! That covers the current text channels.

We may add more specific ones as time goes on. At least you have the basics…and the next blog post will be on voice channels. Only a couple…but some tips on how to troubleshoot and such.

Discord is best by laptop/computer though there is a free phone app. We have scheduled voice/video chats usually within “Voice Channels” and then “chat-about-stories” on Mondays at 10:00pm MDT. We will eventually have regular one during the daytime. Join us! Again, that invite link:

Find our E-Newsletter and Email List Sign-Ups on our website home page at the bottom, the archive page, etc.

See our already-streamed/recorded The Big Why Panel: Historical Storytelling meets Humanities

See our 5-video playlist from the Story Crossroads Spectacular by clicking here

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