How to Best Use the Story Crossroads Discord Server – Part 1 of 5 – Getting Started

This is the first of five parts on how to benefit the most from the Story Crossroads Discord Server. Discord is a platform that combines features of Facebook, Zoom, and many others in one place. Text, image, audio, and video communications are possible with a network of people of like-interests.


  • Part 1 – Getting Started – TODAY
  • Part 2 – Text Channels
  • Part 3 – Voice Channels
  • Part 4 – Adding Resources & Links
  • Part 5 – Scheduled & Random “Check-Ins”

If you prefer video approach and/or have these videos running while you glance below:

“Uh…what is Discord?” Or, “I thought Discord was for Video Gamers.”

No worries.

Discord is a platform that allows people to chat in many ways–text, audio, video and even through memes. This fascinating digital networking tool started in the video gaming world though has expanded to library, music, and so many more. Although it kick-started in 2015, it now has 19 MILLION daily users.

Discord has been relatively unknown to the storytelling world.

Let’s change that through Story Crossroads.

The potential with Discord to connect is important considering quarantines and limited-sized/proper-distanced events. Even beyond such circumstances, Discord is “on fire” on growth, momentum, and “stay-ability.” You might as well learn what all the buzz is about.

Here is How to Get Started with the Story Crossroads Discord Server:

  1. Click here for the direct invite/link. Discord can have public and private groups. Youth groups, sports teams, and you-name-it, have created what is called a Discord Server. You can have invite links that expire within 24 hours OR have one that never expires. For Story Crossroads, we opted for “never expires.” Thus, you can even share this direct link/invite:

2. Clicking on the invite/link will take you to a similar image below. You will click on “Accept Invite.” Although called “members,” there are no fees. In fact, many people love Discord because there are NO ADVERTISEMENTS! There may be promotions or announcements from whoever runs the Server, but no outside ones. Facebook, YouTube…well, they do have those “sponsored ads” and such.

3. Complete the basics of creating a handle that either reveals or does not reveal who you are – up to you. I wanted it to be obvious on our side of things so “storycrossroads” was a natural handle/user name. Some people focus on their first name and then their specialty in storytelling. Super easy and basic for sign-up.

4. You can join more than the Story Crossroads Server. You can search keywords, but it is really only through invites. You don’t have to be part of more than one server. However, when we typed in “storyteller” or “storytelling,” we did not get much expect for role-playing groups. Oral storytelling is…lacking, except for us so far. We certainly hope other storytelling organizations create their own Discords. HINT: NATIONAL STORYTELLING NETWORK. UTAH STORYTELLING GUILD. THE SOCIETY OF STORYTELLING. THE FEDERATION OF ASIAN STORYTELLERS (FEAST). NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK STORYTELLERS (NAB). In fact, some people only focus on “the one.” There is not the pressure to have “more friends” or “more followers” as other places. Of course, we want a decent number of people on our Server so we can have more storytelling conversations. We will get to these in Part 2 and Part 3 of this blog series.

5. You can get notifications when someone in the Server has a comment. If you Server is growing or inactive, then these won’t pop up so much. However, as the Server grows, you may want to turn off notifications and simply check on it for updates.

BUT…be aware that if you do not “show up,” we have the option to “Prune” you. We can choose from 1-day-no-show, 7-day-no-show, and 30-day-no-show. We probably won’t…but we shall see. Here is what that option looks like for us in this image below:

6. Explore all the “categories” and “channels” on the left side of your screen.

Our categories are: Welcome; Story Crossroads; Text Channels; Voice Channels; Fun & Games; Academic Discussions.

Our channels are within those categories: welcome; rules; introduce-yourself; info-about-us; announcements; videos; livestreams; questions-for-us; general (text); chat-about-stories (text); worldwide-folktales (text); storygames; storymemes; admin-room (locked); moderators-room (locked); general (voice/video); chat-about-stories (voice/video); worldwide-folktales (voice/video); storygames (fun & games); storymemes (fun & games); story-genres (academic); and multilingual-storytelling (academic).

We will explain more in future blog posts of this series. Discord is best by laptop/computer though there is a free phone app. We have scheduled voice/video chats usually within “Voice Channels” and then “chat-about-stories” on Mondays at 10:00pm MDT. We will eventually have regular one during the daytime. Join us! Again, that invite link:

Find our E-Newsletter and Email List Sign-Ups on our website home page at the bottom, the archive page, etc.

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