R is for Rescuing Ropes & Rain—A to Z Blog Challenge

We are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/). The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Hope & Healing…folktales around the world that beat back viruses. Each post highlights one or more balms to soothe and cure our struggles of today with oral tradition and lore of the past. At times, a post will make a connection to history. You can guess what inspired this theme. Yes, the COVID-19. What better time to delve into tales where things can and do turn out “happily ever after”?

Rescuing Ropes & Rain-

From Orkney-

The Sea Mither, also known as the Sea Midder or Sea Mother, brought peace and calm when she reigned. She does use rope once a year to be triumphant against Teran, who is much like the devil or at least represents winter. Unrelated, there is of this land and all of England the belief that hangman’s rope, after its grisly deed, transforms into a rope of healing. Sometimes it is cut into 1-inch pieces and sold for that healing.

50-word-or-less summary:

Sea Mither fought against Teran within the waters during Gore Vellye/Autumn Tumult. She fell to sea’s bottom from weakness. She gathered seabed kelp and made rope. During Vore Tullye/Spring Struggle, she bound Teran and triumphed over Teran. Peace and calm filled the sea.

Versions of the Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMJU6CsDk2c and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Mither

Compare to History:

Ropes and other binding materials have been used in the battlefield and modern life through tourniquet. It was a way to “bound the bad” much like Sea Mither does every year with Teran. For a while, tourniquets were reserved in dire need during battles but had now become an important training today sometimes called “Stop the Bleeding.” Tourniquets used to be associated with amputation such as during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Rarely do tourniquets lead to such drastic measures under proper training available to regular citizens.

More on the History: https://www.tinyurl.com/Oxfordmedicalrope

From First Nations Canada-

When the animals failed in their mission to bring back Rain, due to leaving when Whirlwind was banished, they counted on the birds. Even mighty birds could not accomplish what sparrow did to bring healing to the land.

50-word-or-less summary:

People banished Whirlwind when he did one too many tricks. Whirlwind took blind friend Rain with him. People asked animals to bring back Rain. Failed! Asked birds. All failed but sparrow. Rain brought Whirlwind with him. Growth and healing in land. Sparrow promised by people to never be hunted.

Finding the Story: https://www.worldoftales.com/Native_American_folktales/Native_American_Folktale_75.html

Compare to History:

On May 17, 1899, Lorenzo Snow, the 5th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, took saints that they needed to fast, pray, and pay tithes for rain to come back again. It had not rained in southern Utah for months, and the suffering was great. On August 2, 1899, a telegram was received in Salt Lake that “Rain in St. George.” It came barely in time for a full harvest that year.

More on the History: http://mormonhistoricsites.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Reexamining-Lorenzo-Snows-1899-Tithing-Revelation.pdf

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Cap’s Off to You!–Legacy: Fables Adventure Studio- and Celebrating Story

Legacy-Fables collage with logoFeaturing:  Legacy: Fables Adventure Studio – and Celebrating Story

Role-playing Studio with Immersive Environments and Captivating Narrators

Legacy: Fables is a unique choose-your-own-adventure storytelling experience for groups of 4-6 people at a time in an intimate setting with enthralling ambiance to boost the imagination in Provo, Utah.  I was in shock when this organization slipped by my ever-alert storytelling radar as this organization made many appearances at role-playing and comic conventions.  While establishing themselves in 2017, the official opening was September 24, 2019.  I came upon Legacy: Fables when researching different family passes available in the Wasatch area.  This particular one had me pouring over their website and videos.  I got to chat with Alysha Milligan, who works alongside her husband Rob-whom you could call the mastermind, as well as partner Zack Barker and other dedicated people.  The vision and potential of this already-wonderful organization thrills me, and I encourage you to go and be part of the story yourself.  We are also excited to work with Legacy: Fables for our 5th Annual Festival on May 13, 2020 where they can give a taste of what happens during a studio session/adventure.

Interview before Legacy: Fables had their grand opening on September 24, 2019.  We received permission to re-publish this interview with adaptations in brackets.  Clicking here also gives you an under-2-minute video on what Legacy: Fables is like.

In 3-4 sentences, how would you introduce someone to Legacy Fables who has never heard of it?

Fables is a first-of-it’s-kind Adventure Studio where you can become the hero or villain of an epic tale. Our talented narrators guide the guests through a story but leave it to them to make the choices the protagonist would usually make. This can change the plot drastically and results in each guest to walk away with a story that is entirely their own.

What sparked the idea for Legacy Fables? What inspired it?

Years ago, Rob played a game called Dungeons and Dragons and hated it. It was too complicated and didn’t know much about it. Honestly, he hated it. Years later, he rediscovered it through a show called Critical Role, which portrays a deep and emotional adventure driven by several talented voice actors. He tried it again and discovered that it was an experience that anybody could love. Now he’s introduced many people to the merits of group storytelling but wanted to bring it to more people. Fables is a place where groups can go on immersive adventures together without the burden of learning several books worth of rules.

Please describe the experience(s) a customer can expect to have. How long is it? Is it one room? What do they see? What do they do?

When guests enter Fables, they will be checked in by a Fables Concierge. While waiting for their experience to begin, guests can explore the Emporium, a Victorian style collector’s den full of various strange artifacts and objects from other worlds — with several secrets hidden throughout. When the time comes, they will be ushered to their room. Our first and current offering is our fantasy experience, where guests will be seated at a table illuminated by candlelight in the Broken Shield Tavern. The setting is further support by both sounds and smells As they take their seat, they will be introduced to their proxies in the story and the narrator begin setting the first scene.

Why should people want to come to your establishment?

Come here to get away from screens and make a real human connection with other people, make new friends, and in general invigorate your creativity. When you read a book, see a movie, or play a game, you take on the role of an observer: someone who simply watches the story unfold. Your mood, opinions, and ideals have no sway on the plot. You rejoice in someone else’s successes and mourn their failures. But you’re often left wondering what it would be like to be the hero. You can experience heroism here.

What artistic elements went into creating these experiences? (set design, props, actors, costumes, voices, lighting, sound effects, special effects, music?)

All of the above. We have no background in production ourselves but through research and trial and error crafted the Tavern and the Collectors Den. We created our, room by hand as well as many of our props. The sound effects and lighting are all part of our original set design. Our Narrators, also called Watchers, wear handmade leather outfits crafted by a local artisan. Each Watcher was selected based on skills steeped in improvisation and storytelling.

What makes Legacy Fables unique compared to any other experience-based adventures?

Rather than interacting with characters of another world you get to BE the characters upon which the entire narrative rests.

Any fun facts you’d like mentioned?

One fun thing that just happened was Brandon Sanderson’s personal staff come through! They left us beaming reviews on Google and Instagram. If you don’t know, Brandon Sanderson is a New York Times Best Selling Author that also teaches at [Brigham Young University] as a give back to the community.  My husband is the writer for our business and studied under Mr. Sanderson so it was a huge honor for us when they wanted to come through and even better when they LOVED the storytelling aspects!

For those interested in sharing their experience with others, we offer the ability to live stream their experience to services like Twitch. It’s like being the star of your own show.

How much does it cost? Are there group rates?

For one hour it is $22.50 but, for a limited time, we’re offering a discount at $18 and will further discount the price if you bring a full party of 6 people. The full party discount is $15 a person. Participation in our Opening event discounts our Season Passes which are $250 for 12 sessions.

Did I miss something you’d like included or mentioned?

We offer a Give-Back program to the Community. Part of the admission to our rooms goes to fund monthly workshops focused on several “Makerspace” type initiatives. We focus on children but are not limiting the workshops to a specific age range. Those interested in writing books, sculpting clay, or bringing ideas to life will be given a place to create and connect with others similarly minded for free during 2-hour sessions guided by a Master in their craft.

Basic Info:

Legacy Fables: Adventure Studio

443 North University Avenue, Provo, UT

Robert Milligan




@legacyfables on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


So toss, tip, or take off your cap to Legacy: Fables!

Remember, we also have year-round events such as the monthly house concerts and the 5th Annual Story Crossroads Festival that will be on May 13, 2020.  Give back to Story Crossroads by donating through the #GivingTuesday Facebook Fundraiser from December 3, 2019 to December 17, 2019.

S is for Golden Spike, Spears, Swan, Snail, Scales, Shoe, Slipper, Sandal, Serpent, Spinning Wheel, Star Fruit Tree, & Stool–A to Z Blog Challenge

AtoZ2019SWe are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/).  The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Golden…And All Things That Glimmer.  Each post highlights golden items from a folktale from around the world. Each time you have to wonder, is something that is golden a blessing, a curse, or both?

What has inspired all this gold?–The Golden Spike with the 150th Transcontinental Railroad and the Spike 150 Grant for this year’s Story Crossroads Festival.

Golden Spike-

As the whole Golden theme is due to the Golden Spike, this story is shared despite not being a folktale. Though, having such a way to travel did involve “the folk” to make it happen with many different cultures including the Chinese, Irish, recently-freed African Americans, Shoshoni, Paiute, Washo, and Mormons (today preferred to be called members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

Utah – https://utah.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=e679f80b19ed4482b10910f2a918946e&folderid=578cf9fd8d4a4ce083a62bb331829c67

50-word-or-less summary:

Locomotives traveled faster than any other way. Asa Whitney petitioned Congress in 1845 for grants to build railway. Many routes considered. The joining of two railroads–Central Pacific and Union Pacific–took place on Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10, 1869. Golden spike missed twice but still considered “done” by telegraph heard around the world.

Golden Spears-

These “spears” are not weapons but are due to two mountains that looked like golden spears. This story has a “Rip Van Winkle” feel to it. Thankfully, the mother did know what happened to her two children probably by some messenger of the Fairy Queen.

Ireland – https://www.worldoftales.com/European_folktales/Irish_Folktale_4.html

50-word-or-less summary:

Connla and Nora saved thrush from hawk. Thrush said they must hear nine fairy pipers on “Golden Spear,” mountain’s nickname. Thrush told them to see crystal hall of fairies. Children explored and saw second “Golden Spear” mountain. Saw fairy queen. Slept for seven years (felt like one night). Returned. Happiness.

Golden Swan-

This story is almost exactly like the “Golden Goose” and well as similar to the “Golden Elephant Tusks.” Though it does not reveal it in this link below, but I heard that the father was reincarnated as the swan and explains more of the concern the swan has for the family.

India – https://www.culturalindia.net/indian-folktales/jataka-tales/the-golden-swan.html

50-word-or-less summary:

Swan with golden feathers learns of poor family. Swan explains that he will give a golden feather. Hurrah! Money. Swan gives another feather. Hurrah! Money spent. Repeats. Greed. Woman takes all feathers. These feathers turn white/normal when forcefully taken. New feathers grow back. Normal. Swan never returns.

Golden Snail-

A Princess tosses a snail out of garden…what many people would do. It is tough to be cursed for a simple act, especially when no malice was meant.

Indonesia – https://indonesiantale.blogspot.com/2017/02/indonesian-folktales-for-storytelling-golden-snail-keong-mas.html

50-word-or-less summary:

Prince and Princess married. Witch curses Princess into Golden Snail. Widow catches snail. Comes home to clean place and meal. Discovers Golden Snail is enchanted. Widow tosses shell to break half of curse. Prince will remarry if wife-to-be looks like former wife. Finds Princess. Holy orchestra plays. Curse completely broken.

Golden Scales-

The opening and closing of the story references “Roland,” one of the 52 bells of a carillon tower. “Roland” sings for victory or tolls for fire. On top of this tower is a golden dragon weather vane and this story explains why.

Belgium – http://whisperingbooks.com/Show_Page/?book=Classic_Fairy_Tales_And_Stories&story=Dragon_Of_Ghent

50-word-or-less summary:

Dragon wept whenever Belgians and Saracens fought. Tears brought fertile land and tulip (Turk’s Turban). Taff took seeds home. Soothsayer predicted that dragon’s brown scales would change to gold. Did! Dragon flew to find Taff’s garden to see flowers he created. Arrow shot down dragon. Dragon weather vane overlooks flowers.

Golden Spinning Wheel-

You may think this is about Rumpelstiltskin and the spinning wheel that could change straw to gold. Nope. There is a golden spinning wheel that spins its own tale.

Czechoslavak – http://oaks.nvg.org/czech12.html#gospiw

50-word-or-less summary:

Twin girls. Dobrunka-kind. Zloboha-cruel. Dobrunka provides meal to Man. Man proposes next day. Mother and Zloboha chop off Dobrunka’s eyes, feet, and hands while man’s gone. Hermit gives golden spinning wheel for two eyes, golden distaff for feet, golden spindle for hands. Dobrunka restored. Golden spinning wheels sings deception. Reunion.

Golden Shoe-

Cinderella stories do not usually begin with the Cinderella character already a princess.

Scotland – http://www.misskelly.org/cinderella/golden_shoes.htm

50-word-or-less summary:

King remarried. Queen mistreated stepdaughter. Princess tended sheep. Starvation. Grey-horned sheep fed her. Discovered! Butchered-then-resurrected sheep. Prince saw shepherdess/Princess. Prince gave tiny golden shoes. Princess ran. One shoe left behind. Prince vowed to marry who fits shoe. Queen’s daughter cut off toes. Bird warned of bloody shoes. Princess found, married.

Golden Slipper-

Cinderella stories often involve a ball or party of some kind. This party is for more than one night. One can be careful the first night….

Philippines – https://www.pitt.edu/~dash/type0510a.html#fansler

50-word-or-less summary:

Father remarried. Stepmother with two daughters. Maria treated poorly. Discussing clothes to Prince’s ball. Crab is Maria’s mother. Caught and cooked. Shell buried, turned into tree that granted Maria’s wardrobe/golden slippers. Party for two nights, Maria ran. One slipper left. Prince vowed to marry who fits slipper. Maria fits. Marriage.

Golden Sandal-

Another Cinderella tale. Isn’t it nice to compare? Forget golden shoes or slippers.  Let’s now have golden sandals.

Middle East – https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/830061.The_Golden_Sandal

50-word-or-less summary:

Maha’s Father remarried. Maha saved red fish, granted help for years. Merchant to be married. Henna celebration beforehand. Due to red fish, Maha dressed with golden sandals. Forgot time. Ran. Golden sandal fell in water. Bride’s brother found sandal. Vowed to marry to whom it belonged. Marriage. Stepmother’s trick backfired.

Gold Giving Serpent-

This feels a little like the “Golden Swan” above or the “Golden Goose” or “Golden Elephant Tusks“…only that there is death involved.

India – https://www.culturalindia.net/indian-folktales/panchatantra-tales/gold-giving-serpent.html

50-word-or-less summary:

Brahmin failed at farming. Serpent appeared. Brahmin apologized to serpent, offered milk. Next day, gold coin in bowl. Brahmin gave more milk to serpent. More gold. Brahmin asked son to care for serpent. Greed. Son struck serpent. Serpent killed son. Brahmin learned of son’s death. Greed over grief. Serpent left.

Golden Star Fruit Tree-

This is really the same story as “Golden Flute” but this instrument is “Golden Reed Pipe.” Otherwise, the same.  Though, this is more complete than the link found for “Golden Flute.”

Vietnam – http://www.vietnam-culture.com/articles-15-4/The-Golden-star-fruit-tree.aspx

50-word-or-less summary:

Rich man died. Inheritance. Oldest son took all while Youngest got star fruit tree. Raven ate fruit and asked for three-foot bag only. Raven carried Youngest to island with gold/stones. Truth revealed. Oldest exchanged his riches for star fruit tree. Oldest did two six-foot bags. Heavy for Raven! Oldest drowned.

Golden Stool-

We started with a historical tale with “Golden Spike” and will end with a historical tale “Golden Stool.” Thank you to International Storyteller Mara Menzies for reminding me of this story.

Ashanti (Ghana) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfaoybhVfco

50-word-or-less summary:

Golden Stool conjured from sky and landed in King Osei Tutu’s lap. British led 2,500 troops to subjugate Ashanti. Ashanti defeated in July, 1874. Must cover cost of 1874 war. Refused to use Golden Stool. March 25, 1900 – speech – British Queen entitled to Stool. Ashanti women united, strengthened men. Exiled Ashanti King yet Stool protected!

Please share in the comments…or anything on your mind.

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Touring through Tales (Day 20–A-Z Blog Challenge)

Julie Barnson--Steampunk-Tales by GaslightEnjoy all of these A-Z Blog Challenge posts. Versión en Español se puede encontrar a continuación o haga clic aquí para ir allí. Haga clic en mí para saltar a la parte española. Also look forward to the Story Crossroads crowdsourcing campaign May 1, 2015.

“T” is for Touring through Tales.

Delve into a place and people through stories.  You are guaranteed to be fascinated.  Rather than list of dates and facts, you would be infused with stories.  Some people call this “Cultural Tourism” while other people call it “Pure Genius.”

Of all the kind of story tours available, the most popular have been ghost tours.  Enjoy what Julie Barnson loved most as she pursued ghost tours around the United States as well as across the waters to Paris.  See what she has to say that can be adapted for any kind of story tour.

Julie Barnson, an expert ghost teller and tour guide, said:

If you really want to know a place, know a place well, look at the scary stories.  What scares these people.  Ghost stories are histories with a little bit of spooky for good measure. No one wants to go on a history tour.  Everyone wants to go on a ghost tour.  Okay.  Some of my friends are too scared to go on a ghost tour.  But you have to admit that ghosts are most interesting than just plain history.  There is a little more VEEOEVOO!

Sorry.  That “VEEOEVOO” is best heard from Julie though you get the point.

Critiques of the Following Ghost Tour Places:

  1.  Park City, Utah
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Paris, France
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah


Company:  Park City Ghost Tours, started in 2003 (www.parkcityghosttours.com)

Story Tour Length/Type:  2 hours/Walking Tour, up and down Main Street

Schedule Availability:  Every weekend night, even during the winter with the snows of Utah

Types of Stories Heard:  Sad stories about miners, outlaws and women (wife or prostitute, some cases both)

Stories of Note: Beware of seeing a dead miner who shows up and warns that you will die.  At this point, it is best to turn about and do not do what you were about to do.  Also learn more about the man in the yellow slicker.

Comments from Julie:  “This had a rich wealth of stories.  I liked seeing the exact locations.  Some of the locations changed in time (like a restaurant that used to be a jail).  I got genuine shivers, nothing horrifying.  Each of these ghosts have a name.  It wasn’t just ‘This is a haunted house.”  It was ‘This house is haunted by….’

Ranking (on scale of 1-10 with 10 being high):  9

Rank Explanation:  This tour was so close to being a 10 though was brought down for the hokey moment.  The guide brought out a plumb bob, a weight suspended by a string, and this item swung left and right as if the ghosts answered the people’s questions.  As Julie said, “For me, I know too much.”


Company:  Too Many To Count, Ghost Tours are one of the most popular things to do there

Story Tour Length/Type:  2 hours/Walking Tour, up and around Jackson Square and ending at a cemetery

Schedule Availability:  Every single night

Types of Stories Heard:  Stories about slaves and people who abused slaves, immigrants coming to the area, clash of cultures (Creole, West Indies, France, Ireland, Spain), and tortured people when Spain took over New Orleans and the ghost who tried to put a stop to the horrors

Stories of Note:  Most people agree that the most frightening story is found at the LaLaurie Mansion.  Madame LaLaurie mistreated her slaves.  It was against the law to mistreat slaves so she went to jail once.  Then one night, a fire broke out and so starts the more haunting part of the tale.  Learn about the vampire story at the Ursuline Convent.  Discover the story of the priest who resisted the Spanish and why a certain Catholic chant can be heard in the alleyway.

Comments from Julie:  “With New Orleans, it is about food, jazz music, and ghost tours.  Everything in New Orleans, except our hotel, was haunted.  All the other hotels around us were haunted.  Our tour guide asked us what kind of tour we wanted.  Scary, gory, gross, super scary or focusing more on ghosts, monsters, vampires, and Voo Doo.”

Ranking (on scale of 1-10 with 10 being high):  9.5

Rank Explanation:  If it was not for the strange intermission at a pub, this tour would have received a ranking of 10.  Julie was not impressed with this distraction, especially as all the others tours she went on never set aside time for drinking.  She said that this meant that there was an increased chance for a drunk person to be on your tour.  Though, she recognized she was in New Orleans and did not have this take away from her overall enjoyment of this ghost tour.


Company:  Unknown

Story Tour Length/Type:  3-4 hours by Tour Bus, traveled throughout the island

Schedule Availability:  Any night due to high tourism

Types of Stories Heard:  Stories about ancient goddesses and gods, millennia-ago war lords who slaughtered thousands as well as culture clashes or celebrations of American and Japanese or Chinese culture

Stories of Note:  Go to the Pali Lookout (a national park) and feel the natural wind tunnel while being told about the ancient warrior who stands upon that place.  Hear of the Faceless Woman who appears as a regular woman walking down the path until she turns around and you see no face.  Pele’, the Goddess of the Volcano, will make sure you pick up hitchhikers so your house does not burn down.

Comments from Julie:  “When you think of Hawaii, you think of the beautiful beaches and the waves.  Try hitting parts of Hawaii at night with no lights!  You know what Hawaiians call ghost stories?  Chicken skin tales.  Not much different than what we call getting goose bumps.”

Ranking (on scale of 1-10 with 10 being high):  7

Rank Explanation: The sheer atmosphere influenced the score though much was hard to see in the darkness of it all.  The stories could have been appreciated more had there been better lighting or these places visited during the day.  Being in the middle of a dark jungle meant you could tell there were trees but nothing more.  Yet, there was the spiritual experience found at the Chinese Cemetery.  The tour brought along a Shaman to chant to the spirits and this “razzle dazzle” was not appreciated by Julie.  She explained, “It wasn’t my thing.  Just tell me a good story.”

French Tour--Eiffel TowerPARIS, FRANCE

Company:  Unknown

Story Tour Length/Type:  2 hours/Walking Tour that started in a room at a bar that long ago was the same place during Roman times that crosses were stored

Schedule Availability:  Any night due to high tourism

Types of Stories Heard:  Stories from the Medieval era or Ancient history that involved knights, kings, and saints.  Stories focused more on gruesome ways people died than actual ghosts.  Most focus also turned to vampires, sorcerers, and necromancers.

Stories of Note:  Ask about the king who was given a special ointment to become invisible.  The carriage was attacked, the king rubbed on this ointment, but then came the gruesome death.  Find out about the woman vampire who drank the blood of young men to remain young in the 1700s.  Discover the stories of the Guillotine such as with Saint Denis, a man who preached the Gospel while holding his head for three hour after the beheading.

Comments from Julie:  “Some places on the tour could not be visited but could be seen from the distance like the Eiffel Tower.  Though Paris and the people of Paris do not believe in ghosts.  People there don’t come to their own ghost tours.”

Ranking (on scale of 1-10 with 10 being high):  6

Rank Explanation:  Julie said, This was my least favorite tour.  I had such high expectations.  I needed ghost stories.”  The tour felt unsafe, especially when the tour guide was attacked by a drunk man.  In France, no one is allowed a gun for self-defense.  However, most of the lower score was based around the fact that it was labeled as a “Ghost Tour” but no ghost stories were shared.


Company:  Ogden & Salt Lake City Ghost Tours, started in 2001 (www.storytours.com)

Story Tour Length/Type:  2 hours/Walking Tour and Bus Tour options

Schedule Availability:  Weekends in October and by appointment year-round

Types of Stories Heard:  Stories about people in the city or high society.  The stories are more about disgruntled politician, people coming and going on the train, or people who owned and died in certain mansions.  Also enjoy the makings of criminals during the Prohibition or out in the cemeteries digging up bodies.

Stories of Note: Ask about the Purple Lady at the Rio Grande Train Station.  Find out about Lily Gray with the headstone bearing “666.”  If people say Lily is a ghost, then those people are lying so get the true story.  Discover the significance of Emo’s Grave.

Comments from Julie:  “The Salt Lake tour is not far from Park City yet there are no stories about the miners in the mountains.  There are not as many prostitutes as in Ogden.  The ghost stories are more about society things.  There was a bride and groom who died on their wedding day and are still looking for each other.’

Ranking (on scale of 1-10 with 10 being high):  9

Rank Explanation:  This tour is sprawled out as you start from downtown Salt Lake City and travel all the way to Fort Douglas.  There is not much lingering at places so as to keep the tour to two hours.  Otherwise, the tour experience is wonderful.  The tour guides are even known as “story guides” and usually are professional storytellers from the Utah Storytelling Guild.  The delivery of the stories brings out the spookiness

Julie is not the only one interested in ghost tours.  Many people are interested in ghost tours.  When historical places are seeing a decline in people visiting, the places that involve some kind of story tour see an economic turn for the positive.  Stories are allowing these historical buildings to keep their doors open.

Perhaps open wide enough to let in another ghost or two.

Go forth and summon up a story tour for where you live.

 We appreciate Julie Barnson granting permission to use the pictures of her and parts of these tours.

Aquí lo tiene.

Julie Barnson--Steampunk-Tales by Gaslight
Cuentos de gira a través

Rogamos disculpen esta traducción al español que hemos utilizado un software de traducción. Estamos en proceso de hacer que las personas ayudar a traducir estos A-Z Blog Desafío puestos, así como todas las demás entradas del blog.

Sumérgete en un lugar y su gente a través de historias.  Usted está garantizado para ser fascinado.  En lugar de la lista de fechas y hechos, que sería infundida con los cuentos.  Algunas personas llaman a esto “Turismo Cultural” mientras que otras personas lo llaman “Puro Genio”.

De todas la clase de historia las excursiones disponibles, los más populares han sido ghost tours.  Disfrutar de lo que Julie Barnson amaba más que ella persigue ghost tours por los Estados Unidos, así como en las aguas de París.  Ver qué es lo que tiene que decir que se puede adaptar fácilmente a cualquier tipo de historia.

Julie Barnson fantasma, un experto narrador y guía turístico, dijo:

Si de verdad quieres conocer un lugar, conocer un lugar así, mire el historias espeluznantes.  Estas personas lo que asusta.  Historias de fantasmas son historias con un poco de miedo por si acaso. Nadie quiere ir a un recorrido histórico.  Todos quieren ir a un fantasma.  Está bien.  Algunos de mis amigos tienen demasiado miedo como para ir a un fantasma.  Pero hay que reconocer que los fantasmas son más interesante que una simple historia.  Hay un poco más VEEOEVOO!

Lo siento.  Que “VEEOEVOO” se escucha mejor de Julie aunque que usted consigue el punto.

Las críticas de los siguientes Ghost Tour lugares:

  1.  Park City, Utah
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Oahu, Hawaii
  4. París, Francia
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah


Empresa:  Park City Ghost Tours, que se inició en 2003 (www.parkcityghosttours.com)

Historia Recorrido Longitud/Tipo: 2 horas/excursión a pie hacia arriba y hacia abajo, Calle Principal

Disponibilidad de Programa: Cada noche de Fin de semana, incluso durante el invierno con la nieve de Utah

Tipos de historias:  Historias tristes sobre los mineros, forajidos y mujeres (esposa o prostituta, algunos casos ambos)

Historias de Nota: Tenga cuidado de ver un muerto minero que muestra y advierte que se va a morir.  En este punto, lo mejor es a su vez, alrededor y no hacer lo que estaban a punto de hacer.  También aprenderá más acerca del hombre amarillo slicker.

Comentarios de Julie:  “Este tenía una rica variedad de historias.  Me gustó ver la ubicación exacta.  Algunos de los lugares cambian en el tiempo (como un restaurante que fue usado como cárcel).  Me dieron un auténtico  escalofrío, nada terrible.  Cada uno de estos fantasmas tienen un nombre.  No era sólo “Esta es una casa encantada.”  “Es Esta casa está encantada por ahí… ”

Clasificación (en la escala de 1 a 10 siendo 10 alto): 9

Rango Explicación: Este tour estuvo tan cerca de ser un 10 aunque fue derribado por el hokey momento.  La guía pone de relieve una plomada, un peso suspendido de una cuerda, y este tema hacia izquierda y derecha como si los fantasmas respondió a las preguntas de la población.  Como Julie dijo, “Para mí, sé demasiado.”


Empresa:  Demasiados para contar, Ghost Tours son una de las cosas más populares para hacer allí

Historia Recorrido Longitud/Tipo: 2 horas/recorrido a pie, en Jackson Square y terminando en un cementerio

Disponibilidad de Programa:  cada noche

Tipos de historias:  Historias de esclavos y a las personas que sufren abusos esclavos, los inmigrantes que llegan a la zona, choque de culturas (Criollo, Indias Occidentales, Francia, Irlanda, España), y torturado a personas cuando España asumió Nueva Orleans y el fantasma que trataron de poner fin a los horrores

Historias de la Nota:  La mayoría de la gente está de acuerdo que la historia más aterradora se encuentra en la Mansión LaLaurie.  Madame LaLaurie maltrató a sus esclavos.  Era contra la ley que maltratar esclavos para ella fue a la cárcel una vez.  Una noche, se produjo un incendio y se inicia la parte más fascinante de la historia.  Aprender sobre la historia de vampiros al Convento de las Ursulinas.  Descubrir la historia del sacerdote que se resistieron a los españoles y por qué una determinada Iglesia Católica canto puede ser escuchado en el callejón.

Comentarios de Julie:   “Con Nueva Orleans, se trata de alimentos, música de jazz, y ghost tours.  Todo en la ciudad de New Orleans, excepto nuestro hotel, estaba encantada.  Todos los hoteles alrededor de nosotros tenían encantada.  Nuestro guía turístico nos preguntan en qué tipo de tour que queríamos.  Miedo, gory, bruto, super miedo y centrarse más en los fantasmas, monstruos, vampiros y Voo Doo.”

Clasificación (en la escala de 1 a 10 siendo 10 alta):  9.5

Rango Explicación:  Si no fuera por el extraño intermedio en el pub, esta excursión habría recibido un ranking de 10.  Julie no estaba impresionado con esta distracción, sobre todo tomando en cuenta que todos los otros tours nunca fue a reservar tiempo para beber.  Dijo que lo que significaba que había una mayor probabilidad de un borracho persona a estar en su recorrido.  Sin embargo, reconoció que estaba en Nueva Orleans y no tienen esta lejos de su disfrute general de este fantasma.


Empresa: desconocida

Historia Recorrido Longitud/Tipo: De 3 a 4  horas en un autobús turístico, viajó por toda la isla

Disponibilidad de Programa: Cualquier noche debido a la alta turismo

Tipos de historias:  Historias sobre los antiguos dioses y diosas, hace milenios de señores de la guerra que mató a miles, así como a la cultura enfrentamientos o celebraciones de americanos y japoneses o chinos cultura

Historias de la Nota:  Vaya a la Pali (un parque nacional) y el túnel de viento natural mientras le decían sobre el antiguo guerrero que se encuentra en ese lugar.  La mujer sin rostro que aparece como una mujer normal caminar por el sendero hasta que se da la vuelta y no se ve.  Pelé’, la diosa del Volcán, asegúrate de recoger autoestopista para tu casa no queman.

Comentarios de Julie:  “Cuando usted piensa en Hawaii, que creo que de las hermosas playas y las olas.  Intenta golpear partes de Hawai a la noche con las luces!  Usted sabe lo que los hawaianos llamada historias de fantasmas?  Cuentos piel del pollo.  No muy diferente de lo que llamamos de piel de gallina.”

Clasificación (en la escala de 1 a 10 siendo 10 alta):  7

Rango Explicación: La pura atmósfera influye en la puntuación aunque mucho era difícil de ver en la oscuridad de todo.  Las historias podrían haber sido valorado más si hubiera habido una mejor iluminación o estos lugares visitados durante el día.  Estar en medio de una selva oscura, podías decir existen árboles pero nada más.  Sin embargo, no se la experiencia espiritual se encuentra en el Cementerio Chino.  La excursión a un chamán de canto a los espíritus y este “razzle dazzle” no era apreciado por Julie.  Ella explicó, “no era lo mío.  Que me digan una buena historia.”

French Tour--Eiffel TowerPARÍS, FRANCIA

Empresa: desconocida

Historia Recorrido Longitud/Tipo: 2 horas/excursión a pie que comenzó en una habitación en un bar que hace mucho tiempo atrás era el mismo lugar en la época romana que atraviesa fueron almacenados

Disponibilidad de Programa: Cualquier noche debido a la alta turismo

Tipos de historias:  Las historias de la época medieval o historia antigua que caballeros, reyes, y de los santos.  Las historias se centraban más en formas horribles personas murieron de fantasmas reales.  La mayoría se centra también en vampiros, hechiceros y brujos-todos ellos fallan.

Historias de Nota:  Pregunte por el rey que era un ungüento especial a ser invisible.  El carro fue atacado, el rey se frota sobre este ungüento, pero luego vino la muerte espantosa.  Infórmate sobre la mujer vampiro que bebió la sangre de los jóvenes a permanecer joven  en el 1700.  Descubrir las historias de la guillotina como con Saint Denis, un hombre que predicaba el evangelio mientras mantiene la cabeza de tres horas después de la decapitación.

Comentarios de Julie:   “Algunos lugares de la gira no se podían visitar pero podría ser visto desde la distancia como la Torre Eiffel.  Aunque París y el pueblo de París no creo en fantasmas.  Las personas que no han llegado a sus propios ghost tours”.

Clasificación (en la escala de 1 a 10 siendo 10 alta):  6

Rango Explicación:  Julie dijo: ” Esta fue mi menos favorita.  Yo tenía grandes expectativas.  Yo necesitaba historias de fantasmas.”  El tour sentí insegura, especialmente cuando el guía de la excursión fue atacado por un hombre borracho.  En Francia, no se permita a nadie una pistola en la legítima defensa.  Sin embargo, la mayor parte de la puntuación más baja se basa en el hecho de que se ha identificado como un “Ghost Tour”, pero no se compartieron historias de fantasmas.


Empresa: Ogden y Salt Lake City Ghost Tours, que se inició en 2001 (www.storytours.com)

Historia Recorrido Longitud/Tipo: 2 horas/recorrido a pie, Bus Tour opciones

Disponibilidad Horario: Fines de semana en el mes de octubre, con cita todo el año

Tipos de historias:  Las historias de la gente de la ciudad o de la sociedad.  Las historias son más sobre descontento político, ir y venir de la gente en el tren, o las personas que son propiedad y murió en algunas mansiones.  Disfrute también de la gestación de los delincuentes durante la prohibición o en los cementerios de cadáveres.

Historias de Nota: Preguntar por la Señora Violeta en el Río Grande a la estación.  Averiguar sobre Lily gris con la lápida de “666.”  Si la gente dice Lily es un fantasma, a continuación, esas personas están mintiendo para conseguir la verdadera historia.  Descubrir el significado de Emo la tumba.

Comentarios de Julie:   “El lago de sal tour no es lejos de Park City todavía no hay historias sobre los mineros en las montañas.  No hay tantas prostitutas en Ogden.  Las historias de fantasmas son cosas más acerca de la sociedad.  Había una novia y el novio que murió en el día de su boda y siguen buscando para cada uno de los demás.”

Clasificación (en la escala de 1 a 10 siendo 10 alto): 9

Rango Explicación: Este tour es estirado como si viene del centro de la ciudad de Salt Lake City y viajar hasta Fort Douglas.  No hay mucho persistente en los lugares con el fin de mantener el recorrido de dos horas.  De lo contrario, la experiencia de la gira es maravilloso.  Los guías turísticos son conocidos como “historia guías” y, por lo general, son narradores profesionales del gremio Utah narración.  La entrega de los cuentos el spookiness

Julie no es el único interesado en ghost tours.  Muchas personas están interesadas en ghost tours.  Cuando lugares históricos están viendo una disminución de las personas que visitan los lugares que suponen algún tipo de historia  tour ver una recuperación económica para el positivo.  Las historias son lo que permite que estos edificios históricos para mantener sus puertas abiertas.

Tal vez lo suficientemente amplia para permitir la entrada de otro fantasma o dos.

Ir y reunir una historia gira a donde usted vive.

Agradecemos Julie Barnson conceder el permiso de utilizar las imágenes de ella y las partes de estos viajes.