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Role-playing Studio with Immersive Environments and Captivating Narrators

Legacy: Fables is a unique choose-your-own-adventure storytelling experience for groups of 4-6 people at a time in an intimate setting with enthralling ambiance to boost the imagination in Provo, Utah.  I was in shock when this organization slipped by my ever-alert storytelling radar as this organization made many appearances at role-playing and comic conventions.  While establishing themselves in 2017, the official opening was September 24, 2019.  I came upon Legacy: Fables when researching different family passes available in the Wasatch area.  This particular one had me pouring over their website and videos.  I got to chat with Alysha Milligan, who works alongside her husband Rob-whom you could call the mastermind, as well as partner Zack Barker and other dedicated people.  The vision and potential of this already-wonderful organization thrills me, and I encourage you to go and be part of the story yourself.  We are also excited to work with Legacy: Fables for our 5th Annual Festival on May 13, 2020 where they can give a taste of what happens during a studio session/adventure.

Interview before Legacy: Fables had their grand opening on September 24, 2019.  We received permission to re-publish this interview with adaptations in brackets.  Clicking here also gives you an under-2-minute video on what Legacy: Fables is like.

In 3-4 sentences, how would you introduce someone to Legacy Fables who has never heard of it?

Fables is a first-of-it’s-kind Adventure Studio where you can become the hero or villain of an epic tale. Our talented narrators guide the guests through a story but leave it to them to make the choices the protagonist would usually make. This can change the plot drastically and results in each guest to walk away with a story that is entirely their own.

What sparked the idea for Legacy Fables? What inspired it?

Years ago, Rob played a game called Dungeons and Dragons and hated it. It was too complicated and didn’t know much about it. Honestly, he hated it. Years later, he rediscovered it through a show called Critical Role, which portrays a deep and emotional adventure driven by several talented voice actors. He tried it again and discovered that it was an experience that anybody could love. Now he’s introduced many people to the merits of group storytelling but wanted to bring it to more people. Fables is a place where groups can go on immersive adventures together without the burden of learning several books worth of rules.

Please describe the experience(s) a customer can expect to have. How long is it? Is it one room? What do they see? What do they do?

When guests enter Fables, they will be checked in by a Fables Concierge. While waiting for their experience to begin, guests can explore the Emporium, a Victorian style collector’s den full of various strange artifacts and objects from other worlds — with several secrets hidden throughout. When the time comes, they will be ushered to their room. Our first and current offering is our fantasy experience, where guests will be seated at a table illuminated by candlelight in the Broken Shield Tavern. The setting is further support by both sounds and smells As they take their seat, they will be introduced to their proxies in the story and the narrator begin setting the first scene.

Why should people want to come to your establishment?

Come here to get away from screens and make a real human connection with other people, make new friends, and in general invigorate your creativity. When you read a book, see a movie, or play a game, you take on the role of an observer: someone who simply watches the story unfold. Your mood, opinions, and ideals have no sway on the plot. You rejoice in someone else’s successes and mourn their failures. But you’re often left wondering what it would be like to be the hero. You can experience heroism here.

What artistic elements went into creating these experiences? (set design, props, actors, costumes, voices, lighting, sound effects, special effects, music?)

All of the above. We have no background in production ourselves but through research and trial and error crafted the Tavern and the Collectors Den. We created our, room by hand as well as many of our props. The sound effects and lighting are all part of our original set design. Our Narrators, also called Watchers, wear handmade leather outfits crafted by a local artisan. Each Watcher was selected based on skills steeped in improvisation and storytelling.

What makes Legacy Fables unique compared to any other experience-based adventures?

Rather than interacting with characters of another world you get to BE the characters upon which the entire narrative rests.

Any fun facts you’d like mentioned?

One fun thing that just happened was Brandon Sanderson’s personal staff come through! They left us beaming reviews on Google and Instagram. If you don’t know, Brandon Sanderson is a New York Times Best Selling Author that also teaches at [Brigham Young University] as a give back to the community.  My husband is the writer for our business and studied under Mr. Sanderson so it was a huge honor for us when they wanted to come through and even better when they LOVED the storytelling aspects!

For those interested in sharing their experience with others, we offer the ability to live stream their experience to services like Twitch. It’s like being the star of your own show.

How much does it cost? Are there group rates?

For one hour it is $22.50 but, for a limited time, we’re offering a discount at $18 and will further discount the price if you bring a full party of 6 people. The full party discount is $15 a person. Participation in our Opening event discounts our Season Passes which are $250 for 12 sessions.

Did I miss something you’d like included or mentioned?

We offer a Give-Back program to the Community. Part of the admission to our rooms goes to fund monthly workshops focused on several “Makerspace” type initiatives. We focus on children but are not limiting the workshops to a specific age range. Those interested in writing books, sculpting clay, or bringing ideas to life will be given a place to create and connect with others similarly minded for free during 2-hour sessions guided by a Master in their craft.

Basic Info:

Legacy Fables: Adventure Studio

443 North University Avenue, Provo, UT

Robert Milligan


@legacyfables on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube


So toss, tip, or take off your cap to Legacy: Fables!

Remember, we also have year-round events such as the monthly house concerts and the 5th Annual Story Crossroads Festival that will be on May 13, 2020.  Give back to Story Crossroads by donating through the #GivingTuesday Facebook Fundraiser from December 3, 2019 to December 17, 2019.

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