Why Story Crossroads Loves National Storytelling Network (You Could, too!)–Part 5 of 5

This is the fifth of five parts on benefits to take advantage of as a member of the National Storytelling Network. Story Crossroads is proud to be an organization member of NSN.

Awesomeness Revealed:

  • Part 1 – Borrow NSN’s nonprofit status for grants–as individual or organization – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Research through Greenwood’s World Folklore and Folklife Database for free – REVEALED
  • Part 3 – Delve into NSN’s Accreditation Program – REVEALED
  • Part 4 – Benefit from in-state tuition for Storytelling Masters (with virtual options) REVEALED
  • Part 5 – Participate in special interest groups – education, organizations, healing, leadership/producing – TODAY

You love many aspects of storytelling. You love many aspects of storytelling that range from education to organizations to healing to leadership and producing. You love it all and want to promote anything related to the art of storytelling.

Enough of the assumptions? Well, it’s the final part of this blog series. And…whether or not they are all true, that is fine.


Youth, Educators, and Storytellers (YES)

I love all the special interest groups, though I do have a favorite. I am biased because I started storytelling as sophomore in high school. Thus, the “Youth” part of the Youth, Educators, and Storytellers will always have my heart. And…it probably helps that I was Co-Chair for a couple years. But that set aside–

Did you know that the YES has a one-page position statement about 17 key benefits of storytelling in education? I have touted that statement for years and it is as relevant and wonderful today as it was in 2006. So many other current resources are available and make it easier for storytellers to work alongside educators. If you happen to be a storyteller AND a classroom-teacher, then you have more reason than anyone else to be part of YES.

The Storytelling in Higher Education (SHE) merged with YES so education expands to mean preschool, K-12th grades, and college-levels.

Storytelling in Organizations (SIO)

I have loved SIO more from a distance though with a respected gaze. During the 2020 NSN’s Virtual Conference & Festival, I was able to go to one of SIO’s gatherings. The experience there was mind-boggling. While some people specialized in working with lawyers or medical professionals, many other celebrated success with assisting nonprofits and small businesses in applied storytelling. Whether a “newbie” or a “veteran,” all have much to give in this group.

Healing Story Alliance (HSA)

Again, this is another special interest I have cheered on from the sidelines. I was bummed when I missed the HSA’s 2020 PreConference Concert as the library had me scheduled and no one could trade my shift. Though, I bought the full conference package and will anxiously watch that one. A long time ago, Dr. Joseph Sobol/East Tennessee State University (remember Storytelling Program in part four) received a grant so that a storytelling project connected with Cancer patients and survivors. HSA has had stories collected ranging from stories to encourage open and civil discussions, peace-making tales, environmental-themes tales, and so much more.

Producers & Organizers (PRO)

For decades, the PRO Special Interest Group as synonymous with “Loren Niemi.” He has since passed that baton to Lisa Overholser, who is the Executive Director of the long-running St. Louis Storytelling Festival. I find this group to be the most forward-thinking individuals. When 2020 turned “interesting,” who had to make rapid-fire decisions? The PRO people. Talk about pivoting and adapting! When Story Crossroads began, it was the free Producers and Organizers manual on running storytelling events that gave us a foundation.

Keep in mind that being a member of these special interest groups does have an additional cost to the NSN membership. Some special interest groups even allow you to be dues-paying memberships without the NSN membership.

Yet, dues-paying or not, each of these special interest groups truly are special and provide amazing services that are open for anyone to enjoy. The next step of saying “thank you” to that work is to official be dues-paying members.

Thrilled beyond measure? Wanting the fastest way to connect with like-minded individuals as well as those of differing perspectives through special interest groups through the National Storytelling Network?

Today is that time. Go here for the opportunity to be connected and be part of the National Storytelling Network.

Want to discover more beyond this 5-part Blog Series? We will be doing a 7-part Blog Series on Storytelling and connections with the Humanities as a countdown to our next adventure--join us on Saturday, June 20, 2020 from 9:00am-10:30am MDT from your computer- The Big Why Panel: Historical Storytelling meets Humanities.

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