Why Story Crossroads Loves National Storytelling Network (You Could, too!)–Part 5 of 5

This is the fifth of five parts on benefits to take advantage of as a member of the National Storytelling Network. Story Crossroads is proud to be an organization member of NSN.

Awesomeness Revealed:

  • Part 1 – Borrow NSN’s nonprofit status for grants–as individual or organization – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Research through Greenwood’s World Folklore and Folklife Database for free – REVEALED
  • Part 3 – Delve into NSN’s Accreditation Program – REVEALED
  • Part 4 – Benefit from in-state tuition for Storytelling Masters (with virtual options) REVEALED
  • Part 5 – Participate in special interest groups – education, organizations, healing, leadership/producing – TODAY

You love many aspects of storytelling. You love many aspects of storytelling that range from education to organizations to healing to leadership and producing. You love it all and want to promote anything related to the art of storytelling.

Enough of the assumptions? Well, it’s the final part of this blog series. And…whether or not they are all true, that is fine.


Youth, Educators, and Storytellers (YES)

I love all the special interest groups, though I do have a favorite. I am biased because I started storytelling as sophomore in high school. Thus, the “Youth” part of the Youth, Educators, and Storytellers will always have my heart. And…it probably helps that I was Co-Chair for a couple years. But that set aside–

Did you know that the YES has a one-page position statement about 17 key benefits of storytelling in education? I have touted that statement for years and it is as relevant and wonderful today as it was in 2006. So many other current resources are available and make it easier for storytellers to work alongside educators. If you happen to be a storyteller AND a classroom-teacher, then you have more reason than anyone else to be part of YES.

The Storytelling in Higher Education (SHE) merged with YES so education expands to mean preschool, K-12th grades, and college-levels.

Storytelling in Organizations (SIO)

I have loved SIO more from a distance though with a respected gaze. During the 2020 NSN’s Virtual Conference & Festival, I was able to go to one of SIO’s gatherings. The experience there was mind-boggling. While some people specialized in working with lawyers or medical professionals, many other celebrated success with assisting nonprofits and small businesses in applied storytelling. Whether a “newbie” or a “veteran,” all have much to give in this group.

Healing Story Alliance (HSA)

Again, this is another special interest I have cheered on from the sidelines. I was bummed when I missed the HSA’s 2020 PreConference Concert as the library had me scheduled and no one could trade my shift. Though, I bought the full conference package and will anxiously watch that one. A long time ago, Dr. Joseph Sobol/East Tennessee State University (remember Storytelling Program in part four) received a grant so that a storytelling project connected with Cancer patients and survivors. HSA has had stories collected ranging from stories to encourage open and civil discussions, peace-making tales, environmental-themes tales, and so much more.

Producers & Organizers (PRO)

For decades, the PRO Special Interest Group as synonymous with “Loren Niemi.” He has since passed that baton to Lisa Overholser, who is the Executive Director of the long-running St. Louis Storytelling Festival. I find this group to be the most forward-thinking individuals. When 2020 turned “interesting,” who had to make rapid-fire decisions? The PRO people. Talk about pivoting and adapting! When Story Crossroads began, it was the free Producers and Organizers manual on running storytelling events that gave us a foundation.

Keep in mind that being a member of these special interest groups does have an additional cost to the NSN membership. Some special interest groups even allow you to be dues-paying memberships without the NSN membership.

Yet, dues-paying or not, each of these special interest groups truly are special and provide amazing services that are open for anyone to enjoy. The next step of saying “thank you” to that work is to official be dues-paying members.

Thrilled beyond measure? Wanting the fastest way to connect with like-minded individuals as well as those of differing perspectives through special interest groups through the National Storytelling Network?

Today is that time. Go here for the opportunity to be connected and be part of the National Storytelling Network.

Want to discover more beyond this 5-part Blog Series? We will be doing a 7-part Blog Series on Storytelling and connections with the Humanities as a countdown to our next adventure--join us on Saturday, June 20, 2020 from 9:00am-10:30am MDT from your computer- The Big Why Panel: Historical Storytelling meets Humanities.

See our 5-video playlist from the Story Crossroads Spectacular by clicking here.

Edutainment – A to Z Blog Challenge

Lady from South Korea--Steve Evans

Versión en Español se puede encontrar a continuación o haga clic aquí para ir allí. Haga clic en mí para saltar a la parte española.  Come to the free Story Crossroads Festival on April 15-16, 2016 at the Viridian Event Center (8030 S. 1825 W., West Jordan, UT).

This post is part of the A to Z Blog Challenge.  See more at http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/.

Why only educate when you can entertain?  Why only entertain when you can educate?  Many story artists choose to combine the powers of education and entertainment and promote what is gleefully explained as “Edutainment.”

Examples of Edutainment by Story Artists:

  •  Donald Davis – He gets you rolling with laughter and perhaps shedding a tear or two and at the end of his crazy personal narrative he reminds the audience of the stories within them with questions like, “Did you ever give someone a haircut?”  “Did you ever sneak into the house?”  “Did you ever…”  He could have just told the stories and the audience would have felt satisfied.  Instead, Donald Davis feels it is his duty to leave the audience thinking.  The audience educates itself.
  • Doug Elliott – He created a whole song about scat.  Yes, scat.  He gets the kids and the adults interested in the excrement of creatures large and small.  Doug sings it for all ages though the adults have their own inside joke when the chorus goes, “It starts with ‘s’ and it ends with ‘t.’”  No foul language here though.  It is scat.  He tells stories of exploding plants and the amazing dandelion to water-drinking frogs and lazy-in-the-sun snakes.  He blends his passion and expertise as a naturalist perfectly with being a storyteller.
  • Dovie Thomason – Entertainment is not always about the laughs, though Dovie surely can get an audience laughing.  She is of the Lakota/Kiowa Apache tribes and tells stories of the First Nations.  My favorite piece is when Dovie is adopted into another tribe.  Another favorite is when she shares an intense piece that delves into the cruelty and injustices that happened in the Indian Boarding Schools.  For both pieces, I felt all kinds of emotions while learning about situations or moments that make a huge difference in our society.

And I barely noticed that all these names of storytellers begin with the letter “D” when this is an “E” post.  Now that is entertaining…to me, anyway.

Recommended Books that Give Ideas for Edutainment:

  • “The Storytelling Classroom: Applications Across the Curriculum” by Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, and Diane Williams
  • “Social Studies in the Storytelling Classroom: Exploring Our Cultural Voices and Perspectives” by Jane Stenson and Sherry Norfolk
  •  “Tales with Tails: Storytelling the Wonders of the Natural World” by Kevin Strauss
  • “Wonders of the Sea:  Merging Ocean Myth with Ocean Science” by Kendall Haven
  • “Wonders of the Land:  Merging Earth Myth with Earth Science” by Kendall Haven

We appreciate Steve Evans granting permission to use the picture he took in South Korea.  You can find all of his images here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/.

Aquí lo tiene.

Lady from South Korea--Steve Evans

¿Por qué sólo educar cuando puedes entretener?  ¿Por qué sólo entretener cuando puedes educar?  Historia Muchos artistas escogen para combinar las competencias de educación y entretenimiento y promover lo que es explicado como alegremente “Edutainment”.

Ejemplos de edutainment por historia artistas:

  • Donald Davis – Él le consigue rodando de risa y quizás derramar una lágrima o dos y al final de su locura narrativa personal recuerda a la audiencia de las historias dentro de ellos con preguntas como, “¿Alguna vez alguien dé un corte de pelo?”  “has furtivamente en la casa?”  “has…”  podría haber dicho a las historias y el público se han sentido satisfechos.  En su lugar, Donald Davis considera que es su deber dejar a la audiencia en el pensamiento.  La audiencia educa a sí mismo.
  • Doug Elliott – ha creado toda una canción acerca de scat. Sí, scat.  Él obtiene los cabritos y los adultos interesados en el excremento de las criaturas grandes y pequeñas.  Doug canta para todas las edades, aunque los adultos tienen su propia broma interna cuando el coro va, “comienza con ‘S’ y termina con ‘t'”.  Ningún lenguaje obsceno aquí aunque.  Es scat.  Él relata historias de la explosión de las plantas y la increíble jaramago al agua potable y las ranas lazy-en-el-sol serpientes.  Él combina la pasión y la experiencia como un naturalista perfectamente con ser un narrador.
  • Dovie Thomason – Entretenimiento no es siempre sobre las risas, aunque seguramente Dovie puede obtener una audiencia riendo. Ella es de los Lakota/Kiowa Apache tribus y cuenta historias de las Primeras Naciones.  Mi pieza favorita es cuando Dovie se aprobó en otra tribu.  Otro favorito es cuando comparte una intensa obra que ahonda en la crueldad y las injusticias que ocurrieron en los internados indios.  Para ambos pedazos, sentí todo tipo de emociones mientras aprende acerca de situaciones o momentos que hacen una gran diferencia en nuestra sociedad.

Y apenas me di cuenta de que todos estos nombres de narradores comienzan con la letra “D” cuando este es un post “E”.  Ahora que es entretenida…a mí, de todos modos.

Libros recomendados que dé ideas para Edutainment:

  • “La narración en el aula: Aplicaciones en el currículo” de Sherry Norfolk, Jane Stenson, y Diane Williams
  • “Estudios Sociales en la narración en el aula: explorar nuestras voces y perspectivas culturales” por Jane Stenson y Sherry Norfolk
  • “Cuentos con colas: La narración de las Maravillas del Mundo Natural” por Kevin Strauss
  • “maravillas del mar Océano: combinar el mito con la ciencia oceánica” de Kendall Haven
  • “Maravillas de la tierra: la fusión de la tierra el mito con las ciencias de la Tierra” por Kendall Haven

Apreciamos Steve Evans la concesión de permiso para utilizar la foto que tomó en Corea del Sur. Puede encontrar todas sus imágenes aquí: https://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/.


Embracing Education (Day 5–A-Z Blog Challenge)

Art--younger and todayEnjoy all of these A-Z Blog Challenge posts. Versión en Español se puede encontrar a continuación o haga clic aquí para ir allí. Haga clic en mí para saltar a la parte española. Also look forward to the Story Crossroads crowdsourcing campaign May 1, 2015.

“E” is for “Embracing Education.”

Two facts stand out today:  Grandpa Hedman turned 100 today all fearless and strong and the National Storytelling Festival did live streaming of its Friday time of the Festival for 5,000+ high school students across the 50 United States.

What do these two things have to do with “Embracing Education?”  Plenty.

We are even more excited about the live streaming we plan to do for Story Crossroads, especially after the success of the high school streaming reveal from Kiran Flip Singh Sirah, International Storytelling Center President.

But back to Grandpa.

Living on this earth for 100 years is a feat.  My father-in-law said that one in 25,000 men can say they reached age 100.  Though at that age, you would expect more frailty and the use of a wheelchair or other walk-helping advice.  Grandpa Hedman looks no older than age 85.

A couple days before this momentous occasion of turning 100, I watched as Grandpa Hedman was asked to witness a marriage.  He bolted up like he was age six and chose to walk the long way around the aisles to where the lady needed him to go.  Then, as everyone watched in amazement, he swished his arms really fast to make it seem like he was walking too slow and needed to catch up.

Whenever anyone visits with Grandpa Hedman, he gives them an index card labeled “To your Good Health” and this is exactly as the card looks to reveal one of his secrets:

Tablespoons Clover Honey

1 Teaspoon McCormick Cinnamon

Mix in one glass of Hot Water

Drink Morning & Night


Art [Arthur Hedman]

I know his longevity is more than this wonder drink.  He has an aura that embraces you.  One cannot help but feel more strong, more loved, and more alive when near him.  Sitting near him is enough of an education for anyone on how to live right.

There are more people like Grandpa Hedman out there.  You sit by them and want to absorb all that knowledge and how that it transforms into wisdom when you most need it.  Most of the time these are individual moments and not something broadcasted to the whole world.

But what if it could?  We live in a world where technology can explode our minds with transforming what we thought at one time was impossible to what can easily be reality.

That is why we love the idea of live streaming and broadcasting.  Instead of a moment being made and then undone, we need to hang onto those moments and allow others the chance to see for themselves.

Story Crossroads takes place at the Viridian Event Center, a conference center merged with a library.  Being linked physically to a library already proves that this place houses knowledge.  Yet, what we are thrilled to announce is that this place has the ability to broadcast in and out.

We had not thought about streaming to the high schools until we learned about what the National Storytelling Festival did.  Yet, we had always planned on streaming and preserving the performances, workshops, and other presentations to the world of Higher Education.  Universities seem required to have broadcasting ability.  By creating a network of universities, we could easily share the knowledge and wisdom that come from stories to people around the world.

We will have youth, adults, and seniors—from the community—sharing insights with other youth, adults, and seniors around the world.  We know stories are powerful, and these stories become even more powerful as we open ways for people to listen to them.

Listening to stories like from Grandpa Hedman.

Happy birthday, Grandpa Hedman!

Aquí lo tiene.
Educación Integral

Art--younger and todayRogamos disculpen esta traducción al español que hemos utilizado un software de traducción. Estamos en proceso de hacer que las personas ayudar a traducir estos A-Z Blog Desafío puestos, así como todas las demás entradas del blog.

Sobresalen dos hechos hoy en día:  El Abuelo Hedman 100 hoy todos valientes y fuertes y el Festival del cuento Nacional hizo streaming en directo de su hora del viernes del Festival para más de 5.000 estudiantes de secundaria en los 50 estados de los Estados Unidos.

¿Qué estas dos cosas tienen que ver con “Abrazar Educación?”  mucho.

Estamos aún más entusiasmados acerca de la transmisión en vivo que nos va a hacer historia de encrucijada, especialmente tras el éxito de la escuela secundaria streaming revelan Kiran Flip Singh Sira, Presidente Internacional de narración.

Pero volviendo al Abuelo.

Viviendo en esta tierra desde hace 100 años es una proeza.  Mi suegro dice que uno de cada 25.000 hombres pueden decir que alcanzó la edad de 100 años.  Aunque a esa edad, que se puede esperar más fragilidad y el uso de una silla de ruedas o de ayudar a otros a pie.  El Abuelo Hedman parece no mayores de 85 años.

Un par de días antes de que esta ocasión trascendental de 100, he visto como el Abuelo Hedman se pidió a presenciar un matrimonio.  El atornillado como fue seis años y decidieron caminar el largo camino de los pasillos a donde la señora lo necesitaba para ir.  Entonces, como todo el mundo vio con asombro, moviéndola dentro sus brazos muy rápido para que parezca que caminaba demasiado lento y necesitaba para ponerse al día.

Siempre que alguien las visitas con el Abuelo Hedman, les da una tarjeta de índice denominado “para su buena salud” y esto es exactamente como la tarjeta tiene para revelar uno de sus secretos:

Cucharadas miel de trébol

McCormick 1 cucharadita Canela

Mezclar en un vaso de agua caliente

Beber mañana y noche


Art [Arthur Hedman]

Yo conozco su longevidad es más de esta maravilla copa.  Él tiene un aura que lo abraza.  Uno no puede sino sentir más fuerte, más amado y más vivo cuando cerca de él.  Sentarse cerca de él es suficiente de la educación para todos sobre la manera de vivir.

Hay más gente como El Abuelo Hedman.  Que se siente por ellos y quiere absorber todo ese conocimiento y la forma en que se transforma en sabiduría cuando usted lo necesite.  La mayoría de las veces estos son los distintos momentos y no algo difundido a todo el mundo.

Pero lo que si se puede?  Vivimos en un mundo donde la tecnología puede explotar nuestras mentes con transformación de lo que hemos pensado en un tiempo fue imposible a lo que puede ser realidad.

Es por eso que nos encanta la idea de streaming en directo y la radiodifusión.  En lugar de un momento y, a continuación, deshacer, tenemos que colgar en aquellos momentos y permitir a otros la oportunidad de ver por sí mismos.

Historia Encrucijada se lleva a cabo en el Viridian Centro de Eventos, un centro de conferencias se fusionó con una biblioteca.  Físicamente está vinculada a una biblioteca ya demuestra que este lugar alberga conocimiento.  Sin embargo, lo que estamos encantados de anunciar es que este lugar tiene la capacidad de transmitir y se va.

No habíamos pensado en streaming a las escuelas secundarias hasta que nos enteramos de lo que el Festival del cuento.  Sin embargo, tuvimos siempre planificado de streaming y la preservación del espectáculos, talleres, y otras presentaciones en el mundo de la Educación Superior.  Parece necesario que las universidades tienen capacidad radiodifusión.  Mediante la creación de una red de universidades, fácilmente podríamos compartir el conocimiento y la sabiduría que vienen de historias a la gente en todo el mundo.

Vamos a tener a los jóvenes, adultos y ancianos de la comunidad de intercambiar ideas con otros jóvenes, adultos y ancianos en todo el mundo.  Sabemos que las historias son poderosos, y estas historias son aún más poderosos que abrir caminos para que las personas se escuchen.

Escuchar las historias de mi Abuelo como Hedman.

Feliz cumpleaños, Abuelo Hedman!