Why Story Crossroads Loves National Storytelling Network (You Could, too!)–Part 1 of 5

This is the first of five parts on benefits to take advantage of as a member of the National Storytelling Network. Story Crossroads is proud to be an organization member of NSN.

Awesomeness Revealed:

  • Part 1 – Borrow NSN’s nonprofit status for grants–as individual or organization – TODAY
  • Part 2 – Research through Greenwood’s World Folklore and Folklife Database for free
  • Part 3 – Delve into NSN’s Accreditation Program
  • Part 4 – Benefit from in-state tuition for Storytelling Masters (with virtual options)
  • Part 5 – Participate in special interest groups – education, organizations, healing, leadership/producing

You like being paid. You like being paid as a performing artist. In fact, you love receiving money.

Yes, I made some assumptions there. It’s fine whether or not all of that is true.

Now…did you know that you can borrow another entity’s nonprofit status called a sponsorship program? The National Storytelling Network, being nonprofit, offers dues-paying members the opportunity to borrow that status called Sponsored Member Program.

Why would you want to borrow nonprofit status? Why wouldn’t you want it! There are so many grants and funding possibilities when you are linked to another nonprofit. You still have control over the performance or research storytelling project. You will be the one to complete the final report to the organization awarding you the grant.

Once upon a time, Story Crossroads was an idea rather than an entity. During the first couple years, we had to borrow nonprofit status. We did not want to be in that limbo world forever and always planned to be our own nonprofit. Thus…since April 7, 2017, we became a full-fledged 501(c)(3) nonprofit that took what seemed forever to earn along with sending in 200+ pages to the IRS (26-page application, tons of pages for supplemental to the application, the rest as examples of our impact with the community). There is a hefty price–financially and time-wise–in the beginning to receive that nonprofit status. Many people and organizations avoid even getting to that status.

Crazy enough, our nonprofit status was approved on December 8, 2018 but it backdates to when your organization became “official” through the state. For us, that would be the state of Utah.

Whether you are an individual or organization, make sure you have a business license. It is only $10/year in Utah though can vary from state to state.

As a reward for that hard work, qualified nonprofits do not have to pay taxes and have the simplest reporting each year called 990-EZ, which is nicknamed the “postcard” because it is that short in information to send back. You can also purchase most supplies being tax exempt. Perhaps this motivates you to become nonprofit. Yet, in the meantime, borrow!

Never plan on being nonprofit? No problem. Continue in that sponsored membership program as long as you are diligent in your final reports to those grants and continue to have authorization through the National Storytelling Network.

By the way, this has nothing to do with the sponsored membership program, but there is something wonderful housed under the umbrella of the National Storytelling Network due to the efforts of Artists Standing Strong Together – see on Facebook or go to the website. It is the Storyteller Relief Fund that helps any story artist that is having a hard time during COVID-19. You can donate or apply to this fund.

So, are you a dues-paying member of the National Storytelling Network?

Were you one but accidentally forgot to renew? First time to storytelling?

Today is that time. Go here for the opportunity to be connected and be part of the National Storytelling Network.

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