What We Learned from Proper-Distanced Events – Part 4 of 5

This is the fourth of five parts on setting up proper-distanced events. While focusing on storytelling, the information applies to any performing arts or proper-distanced event. Our blog as well as our proper-distanced house concerts with rental of recordings are wonderful sources of information and entertainment.


  • Part 1 – Distancing & Spacing – REVEALED
  • Part 2 – Sanitation & Other Safety Measures – REVEALED
  • Part 3 – Test Runs & Early Set-Ups – REVEALED
  • Part 4 – Relief to Potential Audience – TODAY
  • Part 5 – Audience Isolation Behaviors

Everything is new now. Routines, safety measures, everything. So our job is to give relief to our potential audience members.

Fear comes from the unknown. Thus, you need to make anything you can think of to be “known.”

Now in Part 3, we focused on Test Runs so that things are “known” to you before the performance. It is only fair for this knowledge to extend to the general public. You will want to take pictures and video galore and see what can be done with some video editing.

You could hire a videographer. Though, we like to get a videographer for the day of the event and use our own filming from our cell phones and compile it into an “what to expect” piece. Ours tend to be 2-3 minutes long, which feels not too short and not too long. We like to combine it with a invite/reflection from our featured teller(s).

See below an example from the past-

Having a visual of the place before arriving helps in this time of proper-distancing and masks.

You need to be clear on any and all advertising–video, fliers, emails, etc.–on what you expect about masks.

Some organizations or individuals are more relaxed with masks when it is outdoors. For Story Crossroads, we prefer to be strict and actually enforce the rules we put in place. We require masks. Period. People will have differing opinions. Though once they step onto our “land” – such as a host for a house concert or a park for a festival – then our rules are in place.

Your audience needs to know how strict you will be. Never assume.

You will notice that our video reveals some details though we save some of those details for the bullet-point listing on our webpage. We also include those details in the registration and reminder emails to registrants. There is no such thing as over-communicating when it comes to safety.

Details that Audience will want to know before arriving:

  • Set-up of the Location
  • Rules you have about Masks
  • Any other sanitization measures such as having hand sanitizer around
  • What to do about the facilities and expectations
  • Your feelings about “sitting by household” – especially if from same family but not the same household
  • Any recording option in case cannot attend OR if more comfortable staying home yet supporting the event

Free Video Editing or Design (or what we use):

We will share more in Part 5 on audience isolation behaviors and how to still have wonderful reactions for the performers. We will share some interesting moments during and after the proper-distanced events.

You can make this live event happen. Think with logic and love. Enjoy the energy from a proper-distanced event.

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