Drum Roll…2017 A to Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal (starting April 1)

2017 theme reveal imageTime to beat the drums and enjoy the anticipation of a 3rd Story Crossroads theme reveal as part of the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com) that happens throughout the month of April.  These are 26 postings for each of the letters of the alphabet (with rest on Sundays except for April 3oth).  This is our third year participating in this challenge.

And the theme is…






Theme:  Symbols within Stories Around the World!

The 2016 Story Crossroads Festival had 14 languages on stage and an even higher number of cultures represented as story artists, stories told, or both.  Certain images and symbols repeat themselves around the world.  Have you ever wondered how more than one cultures views these symbols?  Of course, you have!

As we post these fascinating pieces, please feel free to comment, share with others, and add story examples that have the featured symbols.

Here is a sneak peek as to what those symbols will be:

A = Apple, posted April 1st

B = Bread, posted April 3rd

C = Crossroads, posted April 4th

D = Directional Orientations (North, South, East, West), posted April 5th

E = Elephant, posted April 6th

F = Fire, posted  April 7th

G = Goat, posted April 8th

H = Horse, posted April 10th

I = Iron, posted April 11th

J = Jewels (attention to Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies & Sapphires), posted April 12th

K = Knife, posted April 13th

L = Lightning Bolts, posted April 14th

M = Moon, posted April 15th

N = Numbers, posted April 17th

O = Oil, posted April 18th

P = Pig, posted April 19th

Q = Queen, posted April 20th

R = Raven, posted April 21st

S = Stars (including Sun), posted April 22nd

T = Tree of Life, posted April 24th

U = Underworld, posted April 25th

V = Vulture, posted April 26th

W = Water, posted April 27th

X = Xi-wang-mu, posted April 28th

Y = Yellow…and Other Colors, posted April 29th

Z = Zodiac, posted April 30th

While you enjoy this blog, Story Crossroads has year-round offerings including the culminating Festival on May 24, 2017 (see schedule here:  https://storycrossroads.com/2017-schedule/).  

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