F is for Golden Fish, Flute, Fleece & Feast–A to Z Blog Challenge

AtoZ2019FWe are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/).  The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Golden…And All Things That Glimmer.  Each post highlights golden items from a folktale from around the world. Each time you have to wonder, is something that is golden a blessing, a curse, or both?

What has inspired all this gold?–The Golden Spike with the 150th Transcontinental Railroad and the Spike 150 Grant for this year’s Story Crossroads Festival.

Golden Fish-

Four golden fish from four different countries…I was fascinated in the comparisons. The golden fish could be as popular as Cinderella.  Well, not that popular. Still, it is impressive.

Russia – https://russian-crafts.com/russian-folk-tales/golden-fish-tale.html

50-word-or-less summary:

Fisherman catches small golden fish. Fish speaks. Fisherman releases fish without accepting offered wish. Fisherman’s wife upset when hears story. Go back. Wish for bread. Bread received. Wish for wash-tub. Wash-tub received. House. Governor’s Lady. Fisherman not treated as husband. Queen. Mistress of the Sea. Everything disappears. Lived as before.

China – http://www.topics-mag.com/folk-tales/folk-tale-greed-china.htm

50-word-or-less summary:

Old man caught golden fish. Fish asks to go. Man says will eat fish (despite impressive talking of fish). Fish offers man golden rope. Proof. Fish advises. Man then finds rope. Pulls rope. Does not release fish. Greed. So much rope in boat that it sinks. Man dies. Fish lives.

Bangladesh/India – https://www.pitara.com/fiction-for-kids/folktales/the-golden-fish/

50-word-or-less summary:

Fisherman catches small golden fish. Fish speaks. Fisherman releases fish without accepting offered wish. Fisherman’s wife upset when hears story. Go back. Wish for bread. Bread received. Wish for cottage. Cottage received. Man was threatened and lashed. Queen. Threatened with beheading. Empress of the Sea. Everything disappears. Lived as before.

Thailand – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suvannamaccha

50-word-or-less summary:

Hanuman is building a causeway/bridge to rescue Sita. Sita’s husband, Rama, needs bridge so his army can attack and save wife. Suvannamaccha (means Golden Fish) orders her mermaids to take away stones at night so bridge cannot be built. Hanuman attacks mermaids. Failure. Sees Suvannamaccha. Woos her. Love. Sita’s rescued.

Golden Flute-

A few other musical instruments are golden. With a flute typically being made of metal anyway, then why not a golden flute?

China – https://www.readinga-z.com/book.php?id=206

50-word-or-less summary:

Little Red (girl) stolen by dragon. She predicted brother would save her. Mother confused-no son. She eats berry, pregnant, has son, Little Bayberry. Bayberry becomes like 14-year-old in days. Learns of sister through crow. Quest. Pushes rock. Finds golden flute. Lizards dance/obey. Plays for dragon. Forced dancing. Rescues sister.

Golden Fleece-

I couldn’t pass up this classic story of “Jason and the Golden Fleece.” Jason had so many adventures, though this is probably my favorite.

Greece – https://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/jason-and-legendary-golden-fleece-001307

50-word-or-less summary:

Pelias steals throne of Iolcus. Jason born. Pelias worried this is one to take revenge on him. Orders Jason to get Golden Fleece (skin of winged ram of Zeus). Protected by dragon. Jason recruits 50 Argonauts including Hercules. Sows land with flaming bull and teeth-warriors. Attacked! Sorceress/Medea magic. Success!

Golden Feast-

Compliments to the host for such a golden meal…or not.

Philippines – http://afterschool.smarttutor.com/stories-for-kids-the-golden-feast/

50-word-or-less summary:

Couple loved to count gold coins. Did not fix their house, rather count gold coins. Servants said dinner was ready. Counted coins instead. Counted so long that feast turned to gold. Couple excited. Invite neighbors! Continued counting. Any food brought in house turned to gold. Never left home again.

Please share in the comments…or anything on your mind.

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