Z is for Zennor’s Cherry vs. Curiosity

We are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/). The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Finding Resilience & Strength through Traditional Tales.

Zennor’s Cherry vs. Curiosity –

From Cornwall (Celtic)

Saying something is “Celtic” can be troublesome. Many countries are typically linked with Celtic culture. Many languages are within this world, not just one. Yet, here are some basics:

  • Common countries are Ireland, Wales, Scotland as well as Isle of Man, Cornwall (southwest of England), Brittany (northwest of France), Galtcia, and Asturias
  • Languages are distinct per country/area and, at one time, there were 16. However, only 6 Celtic languages are spoken now: Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Breton, Cornish, and Welsh.
  • Timeframe of Celtic Culture would be about the Late Bronze Age through the Iron Age (700 BC to 400 BC…but some also say 1000 BC).

As for Zennor itself, this is part of Cornwall. Today, this area has about 196 in population. It’s about 6 miles north of Penzance (yes, the same for Pirates of Penzance musical).

50-word-or-less summary

Cherry from Zennor sought fortune. Give up? Man invited Cherry to care for Son. Took Son to spring, milked cow, placed ointment on Son’s eyes. Given tour of home. Frightening. Man gave drink so Cherry forgets. Loveliness. Cherry tried ointment. Saw little people including Man. Banished kindly. Cherry cherished story.

Finding the Story: 

Book Celtic Fairytales: Sixteen mystical myths and legends from the Celtic landshere

Book Cherry of Zennor: A Cornish Folk-lore Poem by the late A. Trevosso Hockinghere

Book The Adventure of Cherry of Zennorhere

The Strange Story of Cherry Honey – here

Finding Resilience & Strength:

Cherry was part of a big family. She had 9 siblings plus her parents. It was a little crowded in that 2-room hut. That takes strength, resilience…and patience and teamwork.

She decides it’s time to seek her fortune. Usually, in these folk or fairy tales, we don’t see the struggle. Someone goes on a journey and then comes upon the adventures. What about those who want to quit and turn around. Cherry was about to turn around. Then, the opportunity came. Instead of choosing to continue her plan to quit, she took a chance.

She was introduced to a magical home. It was strange enough to excite her curiosity. Of course, when someone says to not put the ointment on your own eyes will the main character eventually place it on their eyes. We cannot blame Cherry’s curiosity.

What I like is that she is then able to return to her home yet still take walks near the area and reflect on the strange yet wonderful experience. There is some sadness but also some happiness for having the experience in the first place.

And to think…she almost would not have that story at all if she had turned around.

Here is an article from TalkSpace called “How to Escape an ‘I Give Up’ Mindset” to explore mental health strategies. And hey, there can always be that “I Give Up” when doing this A to Z Challenge. But…we did it! Hurrah!

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