S is for Sleep vs. Turtle-on-Bed

We are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/). The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Finding Resilience & Strength through Traditional Tales.

Sleep –

From the Mayans/Central America

The Mayans and the Aztecs revered the turtle. The shell, with its patterns and textures, could represent the Earth with the rocks, stones, and dirt. The turtle being aquatic linked to the Earths waters.

We know that the sea and the moon affect each other. When we have the Moon God worried about turtles constantly getting into his bed, then perhaps it is the constant Moon/Water battle.

Or, the Mayans and Aztecs saw the turtle as a symbol of fertility. Considering where the Moon Good keeps finding those turtles…fascinating, right?

50-word-or-less summary:

Moon God lived in cave. Left cave…Turtle in bed. Next day. Bigger Turtle! Next day. Bigger Turtle! Kept dragging Turtles off bed. Moon God worried. Tired. Water God offered to guard. Worked until Water God shirked. Moon God guarded. Split himself – part in sky and part by cave.

Finding the Story: 

Book “Tales from Many Cultures” – here

Mayans & Aztecs – why they believed the Earth was a turtle – here

Sacred Turtles in Mayan Art and Iconography – here

What is the Meaning of Different Turtle Symbols – here

Finding Resilience & Strength:

Poor Moon God. I’ve never found turtles in my bed. You have to wonder why those turtles kept getting in his bed. I have to at least give points to these turtles that climbed into a bed, already difficult for the average turtle.

Though I am also thinking of the Moon God. I am guessing that the Water God could see that Moon God was going through a hardship. Moon God was worried that he would not have the energy to shine due to this stress. Water God was kind-of a hit-and-run friend. He did guard the cave for so long…and then no longer showed up. Friends need to be there for the long-run, if possible. Or, maybe the turtles were stressing the Water God out more than even the Moon God?

I love that the Moon God realized that he could split himself. When he got more worried about turtles, then more of him was in the cave than in the sky. When he got more focused on shining, then more of him was in the sky than in the cave.

Any of us have our ups and downs. The fact that we carry on despite the ups and downs shows us our strength and resilience.

Here is an article by BetterUp called “Hardship and the mind-body connection: the effects of low resilience” to explore mental health strategies.

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    I love learning about the symbolism of animals in different cultures and how they connect to different elements of nature. This article on the significance of turtles to the Mayans and Aztecs is a fascinating read, and I appreciate the unique perspective it brings to the A to Z Blog Challenge theme of Finding Resilience & Strength through Traditional Tales.
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