Cap’s Off to You! – Ruth Edmonds Hill (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

Featuring: Ruth Edmonds Hill

Graceful Woman, Supporter-Beyond-Reason, Courageous Storytelling Friend

Ruth Edmonds Hill has a legacy that grows even now. Certain words spoken or read will remind people constantly of her great work from “Cambridge” or “Oral Histories” to “The Story Space” and so much more.

Being such a remarkable woman, where do I even start? I could share lists upon lists of her efforts and research that has advanced and encouraged the storytelling community. Or, I could share lists upon lists of awards that she rightfully deserved.

I will keep it more simple.

She was a woman who knew what needed to be done…and then did it.

How often can we say that of someone? Often, we get distracted or delayed or purposely procrastinate. Ruth Edmonds Hill? Never. At least, not what I could tell. No one’s perfect. Though, she has been said to be an angel by her husband, Brother Blue, who passed on himself about 13 years ago.

Ruth was “on fire” and caught the eye of another great in the storytelling world, Brother Blue. Often, Ruth (also known as Sister Ruth) was talked about in the same breath as Brother Blue. Many people smile and laugh that this only proved that besides her traits of tenacity and diligence she had a lot of grace and patience! Thus, giving her the title of “Supporter-Beyond-Reason” with much love here.

Here’s a hint of what she did. She was a librarian. Yes, I resonate with that fact. She noticed that certain organizations were heavily Caucasian and wished for Black People to be represented. She worried that certain publishing companies led by these Caucasians would not see the value as much. She often took projects into her hands rather than taking a chance for others to stumble or set aside what she held dear.

She climbed and climbed and climbed and…what a view upon that summit.

May we have the same level of discernment and notice where help is needed. May we raise as many voices as Ruth Edmonds Hill!

UPDATE! – Obituary – unable to find so far, passed away April 15, 2023 – Visiting hours for Ruth Hill will be April 22, 2023, 2-5 pm at Keefe Funeral Home, 2175 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA. Her burial service will be in Pittsfield MA on April 25, 2023.

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The video below gives a hint as to Ruth’s immense oral history work.

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I appreciate Ruth Edmonds Hill for consistently getting out there and find ways for voices and memories to always be remembered. She was a “get-it-done” person with much to celebrate.

Ruth still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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