Cap’s Off to You! – Anne Thomas (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

Featuring: Anne Thomas

Hilarious Friend, Motivational Speaker, Advocacy Storyteller

Anne Thomas came to my attention because of Jessica Robinson of Better Said Than Done. Jessica put together a 9-video playlist due to all the times that Anne took the stage for her organization. That first video? Blew me away. Made me ponder and appreciate life and consider the humor…with death. I could see why Jessica chose to put that one first in the playlist. Then, I had to hear more. Stories of importance. Stories that Anne chose to share with us.

I know that her childhood would have had many adventures. Yet, she typically talks of her transformative experience when she hitchhiked Europe by herself as an 18-year-old. During one of those hitchhiking times, she woke up in a car and could not move. Her spinal chord was broken.

Her spirit was not broken. She learned to maneuver with a wheel chair. What could have made others filled with anger, she took in stride. Even when, later in 2008, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. Only two years to live, so the doctors said. Anne surpassed that by 11 years.

Meanwhile, she stood up for those who had been traumatized from terrible behaviors in the workplace to assisting in disability visibility projects. So many times she helped.

Then, her natural speaking meant storytelling and sharing these inspiring stories. And through it all, her humor shines. Remarkable beyond measure.

And with humor, I learn how to be a better human being. Through Anne.

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The video below is the first in that 9-video playlist put together by Jessica Robinson.

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I appreciate Anne Thomas for sharing the humor in heartbreaking or even traumatic moments. She brings a perspective that can be celebrated always.

Anne still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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