Cap’s Off to You!-Roslyn Bresnick Perry (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

Featuring: Roslyn Bresnick Perry

Bright Light, Lifelong Learner, Eye-Opening Storyteller

Roslyn Bresnick Perry was being honored at one of the National Storytelling Conferences. I had heard her name talked highly by other storytellers and was able to get a glimpse of who she was within a couple minutes. People had their hands up – not always to clap but what almost seemed like to capture some of her bright light so that they could carry forth with more joy.

She joked about having dyslexia and how that naturally made it lovely to be a storyteller. Yet, she could become serious about how this same dyslexia made life complicated when she was little.

She immigrated to America from the former Soviet Union and shared eye-opening accounts that many of us could not completely understand yet can respect. She was loved beyond the Jewish community and, really, throughout the world.

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You can see more details on Roslyn Bresnick Perry’s page with the Story Artists Memorial. Here is a video of her telling a story.

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I appreciate Roslyn Bresnick Perry with her contagious energy that lit the room. Whether or not you had a smile on your face, you couldn’t help it by the end with her there.

Roslyn still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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