Cap’s Off to You! – Bailey Phelps (Posthumously) and Celebrating Story

Featuring: Bailey Phelps

Playful Storyteller, Poet, Musician

I was delighted when Bailey Phelps played this Native American flute. Being from the Cherokee tribe, he usually told stories and then played music to lift spirits. Though, I never got to see him in-person, I am grateful to learn about him and the way he connected to everyone.

The story from the video below is one that I have heard many times. Yet, I loved how Bailey made it “his.” I loved the wiggling of his nose for rabbit, the “insult” that bear said about rabbit’s tail, and how he pulled out a little stuffed bear with a stubby tail out of the “magic” bag. He changed what was in that bag depending on what he wished to share with the audience. If you have memories of what he would pull out of that bag–or any others–I would love to know about it.

You can see more details on Bailey Phelps’ page with the Story Artists Memorial thanks to Northern Colorado Storytelling and Wynn Montgomery. This includes his poem or ode to storytelling.

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I appreciate Bailey Phelps for his way to put a smile on your face – especially with use of his “magical” bag. He wanted to preserve the stories and the fun.

Bailey Phelps still has a story. You have a story. We all have stories.

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