DRUM ROLL…2022 A to Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal (Starting April 1)

Time to beat the drums and enjoy the anticipation of a 8th Story Crossroads theme reveal as part of the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com) that happens throughout the month of April. These are 26 postings for each of the letters of the alphabet (with rest on Sundays). We accept the challenge…again.






THEME: Dual Natures in Folktales Around the World – opposites, contradictions & paradoxes

We already know the saying “opposites attract.” Sometimes we see this in folktales. You can expect sun/moon stories or others that seem to have a yin/yang to them. Get ready for twin tales. Yet, at times, opposite is not enough to explain dual natures.

What is truly the opposite of goodness? Happiness? Mercy?

Some people argue that being apathic could be the opposite of almost anything. The refusal to act. And, thus, being acted upon. Seems a contradiction right there.

We are excited to share the stories we found. Join us starting April 1, 2022.

As for our past A to Z Challenges…

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