P is for Pranking Primates & Perplexing Pirates – A to Z Blog Challenge

We are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/). The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Beating the Odds…Lucky Folktales Around the World to Brighten Your Day. Each post highlights that the stars aligned and what would have normally been…bad…turned out after all. Considering what we – as humankind – have experienced the past year, how nice is it to remember that all of us can “beat the odds” to some level in our lives.

And we’ll admit now…some are actually myths, legends, or epics rather than only limited to folktales. So is that a type of “loading the dice”? Ah, but the stories were too wonderful to pass by.


From Brazil

People noticed that primates were in danger due to a certain highway in Brazil. The court ordered for a special bridge to be built with trees planted on top of it. The primates, such as golden lion tamarins, could then cross without being hit by vehicles. Here is that article that was published on August 7, 2020.

What makes primates dangerous?

Usually we are the more dangerous than primates. Though primates – like monkeys – are sometimes tricksters around the world including in Brazil. Some people fear primates in carrying diseases that transfer easily to humans. When primates become adults, they tend to be more aggressive. But in this story? Well, isn’t nice to have a sense of humor?

50-words-or-less summary:

Garden with fruit trees. Fruit given if know names of trees. Animals asked and fed. No one remembered a tree’s name. Monkey asked old woman. She told him name. Monkey created song with guitar. Asked tree for fruit. Expected delicious. Awful! Monkey shared name to watch others’ reactions. Many laughs.

That Monkey was lucky that no animals wanted revenge to eating awful-tasting fruit…and that it was “safe” fruit despite not the best flavor. As a side note, isn’t that Monkey lucky to have the ability to play guitar. No wonder that Monkey has a great sense of humor.

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Normally I wouldn’t do a second story…but it was too fun to pass up.


From Ireland

Irish piracy has been around for at least 14 centuries. Some people have a hard time picturing Irish pirates due to all the movies of the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” yet piracy has only been in that area for 70 years.

What makes pirates dangerous?

Pirates can loot but also take prisoners…or not take prisoners. The common punishment was to execute pirates by hanging. Only if someone is pregnant could such a punishment be avoided.

50-words-or-less summary:

Anne Bonny and Mary Read,” swashbuckled despite the belief that women on a ship was bad luck. Anne and Mary sailed with John “Calico Jack” Rackam. Pirating adventures. Anne and Mary caught. Escaped hanging as “pled the belly.” Jail until could verify pregnancy. Not pregnant. Still lived long lives.

Those two pirate queens were lucky that people were willing to believe they were pregnant when they were not. Even when it was verified nine months later, Anne Bonny and Mary Read still lived long lives.

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