Reflections—A to Z Blog Challenge (Story Crossroads-Nominee for 2020 Vision)

We were surprised and thrilled that our blog was nominated by the A to Z Blog Challenge team for having “2020 Vision.” We did enjoy our self-made theme of Hope & Healing…folktales around the world that beat back viruses. We participated a sixth year in a row in the A to Z Blog Challenge (


We decided on the theme with ease considering the situation around the world. While we have optimistic views that this COVID-19 is temporary, we wished to give a cure from the sad news in the world for news on folktales that preceded our time that gave strength to our souls for the present and future.

We delved into stories around the world though so many came from Europe, specifically Norway. We also featured many from China—partly from the lovely stories found and to combat the ugly racial slurs and insults towards people of Chinese—and oftentimes Asian—descent. We love all cultures, ethnicities, and languages. We do our best to honor all people. Sometimes, certain cultural groups are targeted and it is our duty to defend and buoy our fellow human beings.

We had a hard time finding stories of healing from Africa and South America though had a handful. We squeezed in a story from Australia. We at least had each of the six major continents represented and wished it could have been more even. We know more stories of hope and healing are out there. Feel free to share your findings with us.

Some stories had potential to be healing folktales and then, at the last minute, turned too violent. We still had death and murders in our selected stories, but we wanted any killing to not come from the supposed healer. Though, death and Death (personages) were often dealt or met within the stories. This is unsurprising as sickness can lead to death. We loved that Death could be the reason for life.

We appreciated the kind words from those who read our comments. A favorite comment was by Shari Elder who said about “J is for Joyful Journeys,” “Beautiful blog post, beautiful theme for the challenge. Wonderful. Thank you. This was my pick me up for the day.” That was our goal. Giving delight to one person is all we wish. Any more than one is as thrilling as the first.

Adding the connections to medical history became more infused than planned. When we introduced the theme, someone asked if this would be throughout. “Occasionally” was the thought. Yet, there were too many fascinating details and history to ignore. Thus, each post had two stories as well as at least two medical connections.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. We will participate in this challenge in 2021 for our seventh year…so until we tell again.

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