I is for Golden Iguana & Items–A to Z Blog Challenge

AtoZ2019IWe are pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/).  The Story Crossroads theme for this year is Golden…And All Things That Glimmer.  Each post highlights golden items from a folktale from around the world. Each time you have to wonder, is something that is golden a blessing, a curse, or both?

What has inspired all this gold?–The Golden Spike with the 150th Transcontinental Railroad and the Spike 150 Grant for this year’s Story Crossroads Festival.

Golden Iguana-

This does not focus on the traditional golden metal, though it involves the sun and the shine and glimmer of gold. I did say “Golden…And All That Glimmers.”  This is part of the “Glimmers.”

Mexico – http://almaflorada.com/the-lizard-and-the-sun-la-lagartija-y-el-sol/

50-word-or-less summary:

Sun disappears from the sky. None of the animals can find the sun. Animals search in strange places like underwater. One by one, the animals give up in finding the sun. Iguana (also known as lizard) still searches. Iguana finds golden rock due to sun being asleep. Sun won’t wake up. Emperor puts on great dance to keep sun up. To this day, Iguana and other lizards love to bask in the sun and be “golden.”

Golden Items-

I wasn’t sure where to put “Jack and the Beanstalk” as many items are gold.  So when “I” became a little tricky, it seemed the right thing to use “Items” as a way to include this classic tale.

England – https://americanliterature.com/childrens-stories/jack-and-the-beanstalk

50-word-or-less summary:

Jack must sell cow. Trades cow for beans. Mother…disappointed. Beans tossed. Giant beanstalk grows to clouds. Jack climbs and discovers Giant’s castle. Giant’s wife helps to hide Jack. He discovers sack of gold, hen that lays golden eggs, and golden harp that sings. Thief! Stalk chopped. Giant dies. Happiness?

Please share in the comments…or anything on your mind.

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