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A-to-Z Reflection [2018]StorycrossroadsLogo--more squareWe were pleased to participate in the A to Z Blog Challenge (  The Story Crossroads theme for this year was Kindness Across  Cultures: Stories to Prove We Care.  Below is the complete A to Z listing.

So now to reflect…

I have enjoyed each of the four years that we have participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge.  There were plenty of struggles and always a few posts that barely make it before midnight.  Yet, being able to not only post that many times AND on a topic of kindness…it was awe-inspiring.

Awe-inspiring to be affirmed that the world is full of kindness.

Awe-inspiring to be affirmed that all cultures reflect kindness in their traditional stories.

Awe-inspiring to learn about countries and cultures that I had never heard of before and now I feel connected like I never did before.

Each of the six major continents were represented.  Several different faiths were showcased including my own, which was nerve-striking yet satisfying.  I purposely chose some war-torn countries.  Those stories from those places was the most powerful to me of all for I know that most people are amazing and thoughtful.  Sometimes kindnesses are small and simple and sometimes kindnesses encompass ultimate sacrifices of time, money, and life.  The Ethiopian story touches on a kindness not often celebrated–of showing kindness to enemies, those who would use and abuse you.

I did find it amusing at how much easier it was to find kindness stories in some cultures as it was for others.  It was a little harder to find kindness stories in Caucasian-dominant cultures. Some stories had great potential and then turned bad, and I mean extremely bad.  I noticed that a lot of Latin American stories had this overall feeling that good eventually gets punished.  I found wonderful Latin American one from Peru.

For the first time since the other challenges, I had several posts “scheduled” for 7:00am MST.  It was a relief to know that those posts would easily make the deadlines.  Perhaps for 2019, I will “schedule” more of them in advance and my challenge will really be March instead of April…though time will only tell.

In the meantime, enjoy this complete listing from this A to Z Blog Challenge.

By the way, thanks to your kindness in reading (and commenting).

Complete Listing – Kindness Across Cultures – Stories to Prove We Care

A = Afghanistan Affection & Altruism (Hired Hands)

B = Buddhist Benevolence & Big-Heartedness (Monkey King’s Bridge)

C = Chinese Charitableness & Care (The Girl and the Waterfall)

D= Damascus Devotion & Delight (The Power of Song, Syria)

E= Ethiopian Equanimity & Endurance (Shield of Kindness)

F= Filipino Fidelity & Forgiveness (Bridge of Flowers)

G= German Generosity & Goodness, (Grimms’ Golden Goose)

H= Hindu Harmoniousness & Humility (The Ideal Son, Sukrama)

I= Irish Intuition & Interconnectedness (Jack and His Companions)

J= Jewish Joy & Judiciousness (The Secret of the Innkeeper’s Blessings)

K= Kenyan Kindness & Keenness (How the Ostrich got its Long Neck)

L= LDS Love & Loyalty (10,000 Stripling Warriors)

M= Mosul Magnanimity & Mercy (Sparrow’s Wife, Iraqi tale)

N= Navajo Nobleness & Neighborliness (Little Dawn Boy and the Rainbow Trail)

O= Orkney Open-handedness & Oneness (Kate Crackernuts, Scottish)

P= Peru Peacefulness & Patience (Legend of Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo)

Q= Qatari Quality & Quick-Wittiness (Qatari Fsaijrah and the Magic fish)

R= Russian Respectfulness & Resilience (Vasilissa the Fair)

S= Swazi Sweetness & Sacrifice (The Collared Crow)

T= Torres Strait Thoughtfulness & Tenderness (Bia)

U= Ukraine Understanding & Unselfishness (The Birds’ Gift)

V= Vietnam Valance & Valor (The Legend of the Mia Flower)

W= Winnebago Warm-heartedness & Wholesomeness (The Orphan Who Was Blessed with a Horse)

X= Xhosa Xenial & Xenodochial (The Hare and the Tree Spirit, South Africa)

Y= Yonder Yukon Yoke-fellowship & Yarn-listening (The Orphan and the Polar Bear, Inuit)

Z= Zimbabwe Zeroth & Zenith (Children of Wax)

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