Cap’s Off to You!-Utah Valley University and Celebrating Story

Utah Valley University - Dr. Dale Boam and students - imageFrom the inaugural year of Story Crossroads, we have had the connection with the Utah Valley University.  Dr. Dale H. Boam made that possible.  He is the tenured Associate Professor of Deaf Studies at UVU and attorney advocating for persons who are Deaf.  As he is a nationally certified ASL interpreter, he has graced many stages including the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival.  He is always acting on his feet.  Even preparation cannot account for what will come out of a storyteller’s mouth.  He imparts this knowledge with his students in Deaf Studies.  We have been pleased that UVU, through Dr. Boam, has helped with our ASL interpretation.  Then, during our second year, UVU became a funder for Story Crossroads.

We are on the brink of sharing the “Language of Story: Visual Language on Stage” that is part of our Academic Series.  Each year, we will explore languages through the eyes of storytelling with professors who delve into these topics.  As our first one was on visual language, we opted for closed captioning to be ever-present when the video is played.

To have this film, we needed funding and Utah Valley University assisted as well as Utah Humanities and the South Jordan Arts Council.

Dr. Dale Boam, in this film, said, “I want Story Crossroads at my funeral.”  He then explained that he loved the gradual growth of the event and wants to take part until the day he dies.  Those were kind words that we will cherish always…and will aim to fulfill.

The film is scheduled to be launched for the general public in February 2018.  You can subscribe to the Story Crossroads YouTube Channel or check back at the Story Crossroads website where we have videos.  You can also see the “Teaching Story” playlist on our channel by clicking here.

Utah Valley University is praised for this continuous relationship in languages and in funding of Story Crossroads.

Here are the mission and roles shared through Utah Valley University’s website: 



Utah Valley University is a teaching institution which provides opportunity, promotes student success, and meets regional educational needs. UVU builds on a foundation of substantive scholarly and creative work to foster engaged learning. The university prepares professionally competent people of integrity who, as lifelong learners and leaders, serve as stewards of a globally interdependent community.


As a regional state university, Utah Valley University:

Provides quality academic learning opportunities for students through programs at the certificate, associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels. To encourage responsible citizenship, emphasis is placed on engaged teaching and learning as well as scholarly work, research, creative achievements, career and technical education, and community and professional engagement.

Provides access to higher education and offers a broad range of opportunities from developmental education through honors programs. The institution provides services designed to meet the educational and personal needs of students, to foster student success, to prepare students for meaningful lifework, and to provide access through a variety of modalities, including satellite campuses and the use of technology.

Promotes economic and cultural development to contribute to the quality of life of the region and state. The institution fosters economic development and provides a talent-force to meet the needs of a dynamic economy by offering credit and non-credit programs and services for individuals and organizations. UVU provides cultural experiences that enrich the community and offer significant and varied opportunities for continuous learning.

Learn more about the Utah Valley University here:


So toss, tip, or take off your cap to the Utah Valley University, Dr. Dale Boam, and all his Deaf Studies Students!

We also have year-round events such as the monthly house concerts and the 3rd Annual Story Crossroads Festival that will be on May 23, 2018.

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