Cap’s Off to You!-Utah Division of Arts & Museums and Celebrating Story

UDAM collage imageThe Utah Division of Arts and Museums (UDAM) has made it possible to bring professional story artists for the Story Crossroads Festival such as Christopher Agostino from New York, Mara Menzies from Scotland, and, in 2018, Denise Valentine from Pennsylvania.  All three times has been through the OnStage in Utah grant.  As the UDAM distributes funds from the National Endowment for the Arts, we also give the NEA credit.

We have been pleased to receive funding three years in a row.  People from the UDAM have said that we have chosen strong artists and are pleased with how Story Crossroads is growing and evolving.

Some of this outlook and guidance can turn back to the Change Leader program created and promoted by UDAM.  Rachel Hedman became a certified Change Leader along with several other professional storytellers when they attended three-day institutes followed by completing a project that showed change in the community.  Although many of the participants are connected to arts organizations, several are also part of civic, education, and individual businesses.  Over 200 projects have been completed by current Change Leaders…with more in the works.

When Story Crossroads existed simply as the idea named “World Story Conference,” the first Community Planning Meeting in June 2014 used what was learned during the Change Leader institute such as assessing needs, wants, beliefs, and emotions.  Everyone in attendance had post-it notes for each of those four categories so to blend ideas and to collaborate.  We were honored to have Hilary Amnah attend that June meeting on behalf of UDAM as well as 27 other civic, educational, and arts leaders.

Besides grants and the Change Leader Program, the following is also provided or offered by UDAM (as listed on their website):

The UDAM goals are to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the public value of arts and culture
  • Cultivate and formalize strategic partnerships
  • Foster education and lifelong participation in arts and culture
  • Nurture creativity and technological innovation in arts and culture
  • Invest in communities by strengthening the arts and cultural infrastructure
  • Improve access to opportunities and resources through efficient delivery of services

Learn more about the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and the Change Leader Program here:

So toss, tip, or take off your cap to the Utah Division of Arts and Museums!

We also have year-round events such as the monthly house concerts and the 3rd Annual Story Crossroads Festival that will be on May 23, 2018.

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