Cap’s Off to You!-South Jordan Arts Council and Celebrating Story

South Jordan collageJim Luter said that he had an appointment with the South Jordan Arts Council and asked if I would come along.  We met at the Gale Center of History and Culture in South Jordan and gathered around the table with several from the Council.  They allowed us plenty of time to share about Story Crossroads, especially as they had questions and comments.  Then I asked, the big question, “Am I right that we can ask up to $1,000 for Story Crossroads.”  One of the Council Members said, “Well, you can’t get $5 if you ask for $1.”  I followed up with the group by asking, “Then can we apply for $5,000 instead of the $1,000?”  Everyone in the group nodded.

The next day the application was turned in and a few weeks later we learned that the South Jordan Arts Council did commit to the $5,000.  Katie Lindquist, the Arts and Volunteer Coordinator, mentioned that the South Jordan Arts Council was very interested in what Story Crossroads was doing and wished down the road for the event to be headquartered in South Jordan.

The South Jordan Arts Council, specifically Katie Lindquist, was pro-active in attending several events leading up to the Story Crossroads Festival including the Canyon School District Storytelling Festival.  She spoke with the Coordinator of that Festival, Rebecca Smith, on how the Arts Council could be more involved.  Everyone recognized that more schools from the district needed to be participate in this annual school district event.  Katie also represented the Council by coming to the Festival itself as well as a couple outreaches.

Of the experience, Katie Lindquist said:

I look forward to working with her more and seeing how the South Jordan Arts Council can help support and expand Storytelling in South Jordan City….I was impressed with the variety of outreaches that went on, leading up to the main Festival event. I am excited to see how this festival will grow.

Katie Lindquist provided the mission and some key events that the South Jordan Arts Council already supports:

Mission Statement
“Provide opportunities for individuals and families to experience the arts through education, participation, and performance.”

“Inspire life-long appreciation for the Arts.”

The South Jordan Arts Council consists of volunteer member residents who possess a desire to support and promote Arts in South Jordan City. The Arts Council serves as an advisory board to the City Council and meets monthly to evaluate artistic opportunities and needs in the community. Over the last several years, the Arts Council has been able to provide seed money to a variety of different Arts groups through their Grant program.

Some of the Arts Council’s major programs include the following:

Annual Art Show – residents may submit a max of two pieces of work (photography, 2-D, and 3-D). Over the last few years, the number of submissions have increased, especially in the 3-D category. We had a 10’ statue entered during the 2017 Art Show!

Annual Chalk Art Contest – The chalk art contest as always been a highlight, traditionally taking place during Farmers Market. All ages participate in teams or as an individual artist. We see a lot of variety and colors that brighten Towne Center Drive all week! This year, for 2017 – the Chalk Art Contest will be taking place in conjunction with Stage 4 of Tour of Utah in Heritage Park, first Thursday of August.

Quilt Show – Typically featured during Farmer’s Market in front of City Hall. All are welcome to step under the tent, admire the variety styles and designs, and vote on their favorite for a Publics Choice award. This year, for 2017 – the Quilt show will also include other Textile Arts.

Resident on Display – Resident on Display is a program that spotlights an artist or photographer from within South Jordan City. The Artist’s work is displayed at the Gale Center of History & Culture for one month along the back wall of the museum. Afterwards, the pieces are moved and displayed at City Hall for another month. We love showing off the amazing talent of the residents of South Jordan!

Arts at the Gale – Throughout the year, the Arts Council provides free evening workshops in different art disciplines, including: theater, writing, quilting, origami, etc. The Arts Council is always looking for new ideas to bring to the workshops.

Currently the Arts Council is working with the City to wrap utility boxes near City Park, with vinyl-wraps of artist’s work. These boxes are expected to be wrapped and displayed in time for Stage 4 of Tour of Utah.

So toss, tip, or take off your cap to the South Jordan Arts Council!

We also have year-round events such as the monthly house concerts and the 3rd Annual Story Crossroads Festival that will be on May 23, 2018.

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