Our Blog–What to Expect

We will have regular blog posts starting in April 1, 2015.  We will do story snapshots of community members and professional story artists as well as cultural and generational discoveries on the art of storytelling.

We will be taking part in the A-Z Challenge where a post is done each day (except Sundays) for a total of 26 posts in April. Each post will be on a theme connected to the letter of the day. For example, our “A” Day will be on “Art Advocacy.” Don’t worry. We will blog beyond this A-Z Challenge…though do not miss all the amazing things revealed during that Challenge.

Here are the A-Z themes all linking to storytelling and the role that Story Crossroads plays:
A = Art Advocacy
B = Bilingual Bridges
C = Culture Connections
D = Dreaming and Doing
E = Embracing Education
F = Fueling Finances
G = Generational Gains
H = Headlines and Headliners
I = Inviting Ingenuity and Ideas
J = Joint Journeys
K = Keen Kinetics
L = Leadership Lessons
M = Middle-Aged Memories
N = Neighbors Needing Neighbors
O = Oratories of Older Ones
P = Power of Playfulness
Q = Quantifiable Quality
R = Remembering, Recording, Re-Playing
S = School Support
T = Touring Through Tales
U = Unleashed Universality for Us
V = Volunteer Vitality
W = Worldwide Wonders
X = Xenodochium
Y = Yes to Youth
Z = Zeal, Zest, and Zing

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