Story Artist-Yvonne Healy

Specialty: Irish & Celtic Stories

“Yvonne Healy is an Irish pixie of a performer!” She didn’t simply kiss the Blarney Stone; she swallowed it. Weird Irish legends, outrageous family lore, thought-provoking adult fare, or participatory kids’ tales: this diversely talented storyteller-writer opens windows to life, as real and touching as it gets. Funny, too!

Blarney & Beyond!  Professional performer for 40 years, Yvonne Healy was born across the water.  She grew up on an American Main Street with Irish language, stories and culture.  The inherited gene for adventure led Healy to graduate from Swarthmore College, spend half-a-life acting in New York’s soap operas and theaters, summer in yoga ashrams, and always to tell stories. These days, Healy incarnates ‘Midwest Nice’ with longtime husband, 2 teenage daughters, and 2 fluffy dogs on a Michigan lakeshore.

Comic or haunting, Yvonne’s unique tales from Irish myth, folk life and history especially delight all ages. Some are her parents’ bedtime tales recorded in the Irish National Folklore Archive. Others are family stories with their first-hand accounts of the birthing of a new nation and the withering of the old.