7643768808_4b80d307aa_bSo you see yourself as a youth. Great. Perhaps you are as young as a Kindergartner or as old as a Senior in High School. No matter your age or grade, this page is for you.

Here is a little secret. Most adults are intimidated by your talent. They like to think that someone your age does not have enough stage presence to take that microphone and declare your story to the world. We know that you crave to share your story, and we are more than happy to give you some spotlight.

In fact, when selected to tell for our main stage event on May 12, 2021, you would then be invited to the annual Story Crossroads Youth Teller Reunion in July 2021.

For 2020, we adapted our Youth Teller Reunion to be Virtual through Zoom for Saturday, August 15, 2020 from 10:00am-11:00am MDT. Although free, registration is required.  Email invites have already been sent. If you feel you missed your invite or need it re-sent, please let us know at or call/text Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799. The private registration link and accompanying Zoom link and passcode will be sent.

Instead of staying that solo artist, you get to hang with other youth tellers who are as amazing as you.  Click here to check out “Be a Youth Teller (Open Call)” page for more details to share with your guardian(s). We accept video submissions with an application, especially considering this historic time with many events that have turned virtual.

The first step to become a youth teller with Story Crossroads is to contact your School District and find out how the opportunity will be presented to you. Each School District has a liaison with Story Crossroads and you can find out your liaison by emailing info@storycrossroadsorg.

Some students will recGirl from China--Steve Evanseive story training during class time while other students will have these story trainings as an after school activity.

Oh, you say that your class or school is not participating in Story Crossroads? No problem. A couple library systems in the Salt Lake County area will provide free storytelling workshops/residencies so you can attend on your own (with permission from parents, of course). You will learn to find, develop, and perform your story. There will be no reading or papers with you. It will be just you and the microphone…and your audience awaiting the chance to applaud your piece.

In the meantime, enjoy all of these storytelling games to improve your skills:  Storytelling Games and Improvisational Play–8 pages.

Boys from Tajikistan