Frequently Asked Questions for 16-hour course

What is this about a payment plan option instead of paying the $320.00 all at once?

We know there are people who really want to take these 16-hour courses though paying $320.00 all at once is hard.  We have a payment plan where you can choose up to 12 times over the course of a year to pay the full $320.00.  There is no interest.  It simply divides the total by the number of times you want to divide the amount.  For example, you could use 2 times, 6 times, 10, times, or 12 times.  If you choose 12 times, then it is only $26.66/month.  You would still complete the basic information online form.  Come to the first part of the course and complete the simple payment plan form there or fill the payment plan ahead of time here.

What if I cannot make all the dates/times?  Or I have to arrive late or leave early?

Emergencies happen and you need to do what you need to do.  However, to get the full professional development, undergraduate, or graduate credit, you will need to attend the full 16 hours.  You can talk with one of our experts, Sam Payne, and see if you can make up the time in some way.  However, that is not something we will guarantee as their time is precious as we know your time is precious.  We have limited spots for both of these 16-hour courses so make whatever arrangements you can to be there the full time.  Once you complete the basic information part of the registration, we can give your email and telephone to the appropriate expert for any communication needs.

What if I cannot make any of the dates and times offered for either 16-hour course and I really want to be trained as a master story facilitator?

We plan on offering this course every year in the Fall time.  Though, if at least 10 people want to do another course at another time, then we can set that up for you.  Let us know your scheduling preferences and we will keep that in mind for the future.  You can email

Where are the courses located?

This 16-hour course is held in Salt Lake County, Utah.  Details are shared when you call Rachel Hedman at (801) 870-5799.

So how can I contact Sam Payne or Suzanne Christensen for more information?

You can go to Sam’s website at or go to Suzanne’s The Acting Company (TAC) website at

For a more personal connection, contact Sam Payne:

Sam Payne,, (801) 669-2825

What do you mean by “book included” with the $320 registration?  

You can choose one of the two books:

  • Youth Tell: Starting a Youth Storytelling Festival by Nannette Watts
  • Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes by Judy Sima and Kevin Cordi

These may both promote “youth” though the activities inside are great for all ages including adults.

If you already have these books, then we have other books we can get for you.

Part of the reason we offer one of these two books with your registration is because using any of these books already have been reviewed and approved for Story Crossroads storytelling residencies.  This way after you take this 16-hour course, then you already would have lesson plans and activities that you have permission to use in any volunteer or paid opportunities of teaching residencies.  You can also see the free lesson plans by clicking here.

What if I want product(s) from Sam Payne or Suzanne Christensen instead of one of the two books?

If you are wanting to learn the skills but not necessarily interested in teaching storytelling residencies, then you could opt for one of Sam’s or Suzanne’s products instead of the two designated books.  You can browse their websites for what they have available or ask them in person.   You can go to Sam’s website at or go to Suzanne’s The Acting Company (TAC) website at  Let us know when you show up the first day of the course and we will make it happen.

How can I go about receiving my professional development credit, undergraduate, or graduate credit?

When you have completed the 16 hours with your expert and done all that was asked of you, then at the end you will receive a certificate that can be presented to whomever you need to show that this course was done.  If this is for undergraduate or graduate credit, then talk with the Chair of the Department or Program over your studies have it it approved as an Independent Course.  You would still need to pay for the tuition credit (1-3 depending on undergraduate or graduate) amount as well as the $320.00 per 16-hour course so the expert can be paid.  For example, the Storytelling Masters program at East Tennessee State University would accept this 16-hour course after talking with Dr. Joseph Sobol, the Chair of that Program.  Relevancy is highest with the following areas:  Education; Performing Arts; Communications; Business; Humanities.

What if I have general questions about Story Crossroads?

Then feel free to contact Rachel Hedman, Executive Director, and she will answer anything you wish to ask.  You can email or call/text her at (801) 870-5799.  You might even find your answer at the Story Crossroads website so browse at your leisure.