Master Story Facilitator 16-hour Courses (sign-up)

Coming again in Fall 2020 or earlier if you have a group of at least ten to twelve interested people

Being a Story Guide for Others: The Master Story Facilitator

Sam and Suzanne with logo

~ $320.00/person, includes book~

Experts: Sam Payne and Suzanne Christensen (Click for Frequently Asked Questions here)

Two Steps to Complete Registration:

1.  Fill out basic contact information, contact so link will be forwarded

2.  Pay online, contact so link will be forwarded

Or see payment plan option***

Skills Learned: Discovering Stories from Snippets; Dramatic Story Structuring; Finding Moving Moments & Transforming into Performance-Ready Pieces; Teaching & Coaching Others

Attend (must attend all four days):  Exact Dates/Times to be Announced

Location of Course:  TBD, call Rachel Hedman at 801-870-5799 for details or questions

See some of our graduates below or find qualified master story facilitators by clicking here.

All of our events connect to the May Festival in one way or another.

Our 16-hour Master Story Facilitator Courses allow for people to be certified to teach 6-10-hour storytelling workshops on behalf of Story Crossroads.  This teaching could be volunteer or paid by Story Crossroads depending on the agreement.

2016 Participants–led by Sam Payne and Suzanne Christensen


2015 Participants–led by Clive Romney

2015-Clive Romney's Class--Master Story Facilitator Graduates

2015 Participants–led by Steffani Raff

2015-Steffani Raf's Class--Master Story Facilitator Graduates

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