The Story Rhythm Project: Sharing the Beat of Dance, Music & Storytelling (refugees)


Every art tells a story and beats out a rhythm that connects all of us as human beings.  When refugees work to be acclimated, they need skills that will help them succeed such as communication skills.  Knowing their cultural arts with an emphasis of story allows this needed training to happen.

One-hour quarterly trainings are held by the Utah Refugee Education and Training Center ( for anyone who wishes to volunteer in any position.  These trainings provide guidance on the lingo, phrases, and backgrounds of the refugees.  For example, a refugee is different than an immigrant.  When 10-20 committed people wish to be trained, then a different date/time can be arranged for that specific group.

Though this project is in its early stages and trainings are yet to start, there is an established program through the Holladay Arts Council called “Healing Through Arts.”

Download the minutes of the Sensitivity Training Meeting composed by Angie Lund:  Sensitivity Training at Utah Refugee and Education Center–12-3-16

You can find the Utah Refugee Education and Training Center at 250 West 3900 South, Salt Lake City, UT.

More details of this project will be found here.

If this project is of interest to you to do or adapt in some way, then let us know by emailing