About Our Videographer

Sterling ElliottSterling Elliott has put on many different hats throughout his film-making career, including storyboard artist, picture vehicle coordinator, animal coordinator, behind-the-scenes producer, director and editor. He has experience with both narrative and documentary film-making and understands that good films are based around good stories.  He is the head of Etched in Stone Productions.

We also thank Sterling’s associates with these films:  Alex Aguila and Westin Cross.

Video clips he has done for us so far:

1.  Story Crossroads:  The 2016 Launch

2.  Sam Payne with “These Are My People”

3.  Story Crossroads interviews long-time Youth Teller Aleksa Poulter

4.  Storytelling vs. Theatre–Mark Gollaher & John Adams

5.  Make a Difference–Every Life has a Story

6.  Steffani Raff and the Power of Family Storytelling

7.  Clive Romney–“Grandpa had a Story” performance and interview