About Our Composer

Stephen Gashler--Medieval typeStephen Gashler composed the Story Crossroads Anthem also known as “The Book of Life.”  The song reaches out to all people to tell their stories.  Listen to the Story Crossroads Anthem here.

National award-winning storyteller, novelist, playwright, filmmaker, singer-songwriter, and composer, Stephen Gashler, creates all kinds of music, from folk guitar, to big band jazz, to epic symphonies, to exotic world sounds, to out-of-this-world disco. His works include scores for short films, full-length musicals, and an album or two of indie rock. With a flare for the fantastic and a gift for compelling melodies, Steve would very much love to quit his day job and spend more time making awesome music. Got a project? He wants to be your composer.

To learn (and hear) more, check out http://stephengashler.com.