Story Artist – Ramona Lucius

“Hands-On Folktales”

Specialty: Multicultural & Interactive Storytelling

The Hands-On Folktales mission is to promote literacy through an appreciation of the arts. At Hands-On, they tell the story together through dance, music, visual arts and theatre we create storytellers for the next generation. They spin inclusive stories for all ages and abilities.

The Artistic Director, Ramona Lucius, has brought Hands-On Folktales to education organizations like VSAMI.  Here is a clip of the documentary featuring our Hands-On Storytelling.

Ramona graduated with a BFA in acting from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and went on to earn an Acting Certificate from the Moscow Art Theatre before founding Hands-On Folktales in 2013. Hands-On Folktales has been invited to classrooms, stages, and events all over the country to share stories and art with all ages and abilities. Guided by the mission to promote literacy through art appreciation, Hands-On Folktales involve the listener as a cooperative partner in the experience.