Mitch Nelson

Mitch NelsonHi! I’m Mitch Nelson

wanderer · listener · storyteller

I love stories!

Stories are all around us in all kinds of places and forms and styles. I’ve heard many stories, been through a lot myself, and watched a few unfold before me. Great stories inspire me and point me to new adventures. The best stories strengthen and challenge me to grow.

I love searching for stories!

Finding a good story is at once both the simplest thing in the world, yet extremely difficult. Though they are all around us, it can take incredible luck, patience, and hard work to tease a good story out and show it to the world in it’s splendor.

I love sharing stories!

If you’re INTERESTED, let me share some stories with you. I’d love to tackle learning stories you’d like to hear or finding stories on a topic you have in mind.

To see me in action, and to see what I’m working on, visit my web site:

Reach me at gleeby (at)

or leave a voice message or text at (646) 481-3883