Karl Behling

Karl Behlingkbstoryteller@gmail.com

(801) 390-7163

Karl Behling is the President of the Utah Storytelling Guild. His tales cover the globe from the Founding Fathers to the Old West to the Civil War , wander the Appalachians, take a swing through the Caribbean and across Africa, then ramble down Main Street, USA.

Karl also puts on a rollicking Mountain Man show for school groups, scout camps, and anyone who appreciates hair-raising adventure. And even if “…the past just ain’t what it used to be.” , he brings it to life through the magic of story.

Click here to visit Karl’s website: www.kbstoryteller.webs.com   

Click here to Watch a video of Karl as Patrick Henry giving the famous “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death” speech

Karl Behling as Patrick Henry