Find Qualified Master Story Facilitators

We have people who are long-time residency presenters as well as graduates of our 16-hour Master Story Facilitator courses.  Some people even have their own lesson plans that they have submitted to us.  Any of these people will be found here.

Feel free to email on how to contact these people or click on the ones highlighted in blue for their contact information and experience details.

Value these qualified Master Story Facilitators and arrange your own negotiations to reflect your appreciation for their skills.

Long-Time Residency Presenters

Cassie Ashton

Julie Barnson

Cherie Davis

Carol Esterreicher

Janine Nishiguchi

Karl Behling

Ginger Parkinson

Jan C. Smith

Nannette Watts

Lynn Wing

Master Story Facilitator Graduates

John Adams

Stephanie Anderson

Cherie Bitter

David Bullock

Jackie Elkins

Ted Erekson

Xiaolian Deng

Cynthia Hinckley

Meghan Hunt

Kathleen Lund

Jim Luter

Jenn McKague

Wayne McKay

Jessie McKinney

Mitch Nelson

Amanda Paige

Liesl Seborg

Leslie Schow